Commissioners Approve 5 Neighborhood Revitalization Applications

Five Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Rebate Applications were presented to the Mitchell County Commissioners for approval at their meeting Monday morning. This will make almost forty five million dollars approved for tax rebates since the program started. Commission Chairman, Tom Claussen, told those present at the meeting these five applications alone represent close to a million dollars. The Commissioners approved the applications and agreed this has been a very good program for Mitchell County. Commissioner Mike Cooper abstained from voting since he is involved in three of these projects.

Applications were received from the following:
* Anthony and Jerica King, Beloit, on a new home in the amount of $250,000.
*Gregory and Joy Snyder, Glen Elder, for a Storage unit in the amount of $39,148.32.
*Loran Remus, Glen Elder, for $45,000 for an open hay shed.
*Brennon Odle, Beloit, for a new home in the amount of $173,000.
*Jerry and Melissa Brown/Gene Brown, Beloit, for a new home in the amount of $323,110.
*And the fifth application was for Mike Cooper, Beloit, for a new home in the development area in the amount of $262,265.00.

Lisa Cordel, requested time on this morning's agenda to discuss a request from the Numana project that is now underway. Laura Haige came in to tell the commission they were canceling due to the rainy weather this morning. Numana is a non-profit organization whose mission is to package food to send to hungry people across the world. They expect to deliver a total of more than five million packages of food to hungry people during the year 2012.

The Beloit organization plans to show a movie on the courthouse lawn on Friday, October 13, called "Courageous." This will be their last big push in their present project since they are pretty close to their goal of $55,000. They have had a sign with a red truck and a gauge showing their progress on the courthouse lawn for the past several months.

Larry Emerson, Public Works, reported a representative from K-Camp inspected the Landfill site and only found a couple of small infractions that needed to be corrected. There is a cord that needs to be repaired plus a sign needs to be put up on their waste oil barrel and a fence put around it. When they sell the waste oil that is brought in they have a company that pays them 75 cents a gallon for it.

Concrete bids were received from Abram Ready Mix and Beloit Ready Mix for contracts to furnish concrete for county projects for the fourth quarter of the year.
Beloit Ready Mix received the contract with a bid of $107.00 per square yard of concrete mixed to the county's specifications.

The bridge on Jasmine Trail is finished and was opened last Thursday. They spent 10 working weeks time in building it and three months overall. There is some patching that will have to be done on one side caused by someone driving too close to the edge of the bridge, Emerson said.

A representative from Ballou Construction in Salina is coming to look at the roads and give him a cost comparison estimate to see if it would cost less to have that company reconstitute the old asphalt on the roads than the way they are doing it now. If it would cost more to have Ballou lay the asphalt back down he can have them pile it in a win-row so Larry's crew can lay it back down themselves. The man told him the cost would depend partly on whether there are a lot of curves on the road.

Emerson plans to use the road north of Tipton for their test road since it has a lot of heavy traffic on it and the asphalt is about as thick as any road in the county.
He is also going to use the causeway road across Waconda Lake. There is some pretty bad drop offs there on the edges and something needs to be done to it, he said.

They are done mowing the ditches in the county for the second time around but still have a few weeds to knock down. They are doing some blade work on ditches and patching but the rain will slow them down. They plan to start some repair work on a culvert on the bridge located one and one half miles north of Tipton to help keep the water out of the fields near there.

Emerson said they still have to do the striping on the roads they overlaid and are waiting until the paint comes in. He got bids from two places and the Lancing Prison was a lot cheaper. The did ditch work on the landfill road last week and it packed down well. They haven't started any overlay work yet. Still can't find a used dozer to buy. He discussed fixing a ditch between Mike Thomas and Pat Ziegler's. Emerson still hasn't heard anything about the Causeway Bridge inspection. KDOT still hasn't closed Hwy 24 for that project and hasn't started working on it yet.

Sondra Hone, Mitchell County Health Department, asked for a 15-minute executive session to discuss non0elected personnel with Lisa Bald present. No decisions were made. Hone reported they attended an immunization conference and saw some Cold Cube Containers to use to transfer vaccine from one place to another. It would also keep the vaccine refrigerated if the power goes off on a weekend when no one is in the building like it did last year. The Cold Cube keeps vaccine cold up to 96 hours if you don't open it. She would like to purchase the large container at a cost of $1,295. Commissioner Cooper moved they allow Hone to purchase this Cold Cube and take the money from her Bio-Terrorism fund to pay for it.

The Commissioners discussed appointing voting delegates to the Kansas Association of Counties meeting. The delegate's vote on legislative action the association wants to approve. Commissioner Cooper was appointed as delegate with Chairman Claussen serving as alternate. They both plan to attend the meeting.

Chairman Clausen was named voting delegate to serve on the K-Kamp Board of Trustees. Commissioner said he would consider taking the K-Kamp position if the K-Works position isn't available. These are two-year terms. County Clerk, Chris Treaster, will check on this. Chairman Claussen reminded the others that the County Insurance bid will come up for renewal before these terms are over. They may have to change this bidding to a two-year contract to be in line with these positions. They will make a decision at the October 8, meeting.

The meeting was adjourned and the Commissioners along with Clerk Treaster and Brian Streit, maintenance supervisor, met to work on specifications for the new windows for the courthouse.

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