Commissioners Table Window Decision

The Mitchell County Commissioners recently placed ads requesting contractor bids on the job of replacing and installing the 103 windows in the Mitchell County Courthouse. In the ad they gave specifications as to what type and size windows they wanted and how they wanted the job done. They also told those bidding the county will furnish the loader for the job since a special kind is needed in order to preserve the condition of the courthouse lawn.

At their meeting this morning the commissioners opened bids from six different contractors interested in the job. These six included: Pella Windows, Mike Peterson, Beloit; GFI out of Salina; Precision Contracting, Beloit; Ryan Remodeling, Lebanon; All Things Exterior, Beloit; and West Hampton Remodeling & Lumber, Glen Elder.

The six bids were so wide spread in the different types of materials used in the windows and the wide spread of the dollar amounts of the bids the commissioners didn't feel they could possibly make a decision on which company to award the bid. They felt they needed to get a better feel for what the bids actually contained and which windows would give the longest lasting, most efficient service, while retaining their appearance in the years to come.

The commissioners felt all of the six were competitive bids but tabled the decision until they could get a better perspective of what they were dealing with. Two of the bids were cut due to different information not being included in the bid. The four remaining bids were: GFI of Salina with a bid of $120,205 installed. Precision Contracting, offered an option of two bids being $477,800 for one and $476,100 if they chose the second option. All Things Exterior, Beloit, bid $69,995 installed and West Hampton Remodeling & Lumber, Glen Elder bid two options with the first being $40,000 and $39,000 if the second option was chosen.

The commissioner's final decision was to have the final four come back in two weeks at their next regular meeting, on November 5, for a work session starting at 8:30. Each company will be given 30 minutes to make a presentation on their product and what is included in their bid. The commissioners had hoped to get this project finished yet this fall but decided it should be put off the spring due to the lateness of the season. After the commissioners make their decision they will pay the winning contractor up front for the work.

Chairman Tom Claussen introduced Heather Hartman will take over the position of Economic Development Director on November 1. Galen Seehafer and Jim Marshall candidates for the 3rd District Commissioner were also present. Claussen invited the winner of that race to attend the Kansas Association of Commissioners meeting on November 14 and 15 in Topeka. He also invited them to attend the Kansas Leadership Conference in Topeka, January 16 and 17,which is for new commissioners through out the state. Chairman Claussen reminded everyone to get out and vote in the big election coming up in two weeks. County Clerk Chris Treaster, said her office has had 300 advance voters so far. They had 5 to 6 hundred advance voters the last Presidential election. It is about 50 - 50 in the number of mail in ballots and those who come in to her office to vote. Claussen also noted the MCHHS Board of Trustees Meeting to be held at 5:15 p.m. this evening.

Larry Emerson, Public Works, reported he has received two more installments of payments from the State of Kansas on the bridge they built on Jasmine Trail. This will leave one more payment of $13,000 yet to come. This will make a total of $130,000 paid back from the State and gives them $1,400 left over after their expenses. Chairman Tom Claussen remarked this made the county a very economical bridge. Emerson said the old bridge was built around 1920 so it lasted close to 100 years.

Emerson said he has found a used dozer for sale in the Topeka area. They will get first chance after another person who is interested in it. The machine has about 6100 hours on it, is a 2006 model and has a ripper on it, which they don't have on the old one. It also has a cab and air conditioning. The price is $176,000 and they will deliver. He estimated a new machine would cost about 350 to 400 thousand dollars. He has $67,900 left in his equipment fund for the year and would take the balance out of their special equipment fund. He hopes to sell the old dozer, which is a 2000 model that originally cost $120,000 for $25,000 to $30,000.

Emerson has already had one person look at the machine. If the prospective buyer doesn't buy it he will go and look at it himself. It will probably only have a 30 day guarantee but they are ready to start pushing gravel right now so should be able to tell if it will work within a short time. Since commissioners will not have a meeting for two weeks they approved the dozer purchase if it meets Emerson's approval.

Larry Sharp, KCAMP Insurance Company was present for a review the past year. KCAMP is an insurance pool company covering every area including Liability, Property and Casualty or everything except Workman's Comp. Insurance. Mitchell County has had an excellent year with only one accident reported so far. He discussed a Risk Management Grant of $2,000 the company had giving them and how they can use it.

Sharp also talked about a new insurance policy coming out in December called TULIP which stands for "Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy." This is to protect the county from liability litigation incidents primarily for events where people rent buildings such as temporary events where there is a risk of accidents. Clerk Treaster is to find out how the Fair Board policy reads and check into events where this could have the potential to affect the county.

The Chairman read a letter from Bob Severance, requesting the commissioners appoint Gina Broeckelman, Director of the Beloit Area Chamber of Commerce to the Mitchell County Board of Convention and Tourism Committee. The commissioners approved the appointment.

Two Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Rebate Applications were approved to David Schroeder, 408 Iowa Street, Tipton for a 30 X 40 garage for $39,389 and for Mike Blass, 401 S. Central, for a new house at $200,000 at an estimated cost with an estimated time of 1 year to completion.

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