Hospital Board Meeting 12-17-12

Hospital Board Chairman Curt Fraiser called the meeting to order on Monday evening, and turned it over to Eldon Koepke, CFO, to discuss Financial and Statistical Reports.
Koepke discussed that the operating margin as a net percentage of patient service revenue was -.23% for November and .70% for the year to date. He said that the acute patient days showed a decrease of 103 compared to this month last year, and the swing bed days showed an increase of 87 days from that same time.
There were 3 births at the Mitchell County Hospital in November.
The nursing home sustained an average of 33 patients a day this month compared to 36 with November of last year. Year to date, they average 35.78 compared to 33.48 last year.
The budget year to date for patient service revenue was mapped out to be 29,488,441, and the current revenue is 29,015,051.
Hospital Administrator David Dick's report included the Quality Improvement Report with the Partners in Health Care Quality. He said that MCHHS will be participating in the Quality Health Indicator.
The Solomon Valley Transportation 2013 Grant of $152,000 will be approved in January and the recipient will be notified in April. If this is received, Dick hopes to get a new bus in April 2014 and open service open to Osborne Co.
Dick also talked about having to change the drive of where the medical records are saved. This will cost around $22,000, and is looking at companies such as ACMEware and VersaWorks, who has reduced their price greatly for the hospital, to do the job. Dick wants the job done ASAP, and it needs 30 days. He hopes for it to be done in January. They must travel to the site twice from the Silicon Valley in California.
Mike Heller and David Dick attended the Kansas Hospital Association Legislative Dinner, and met with legislators and other hospital boards that attended.
Heller commented that that Dick did a great job explaining the position of Mitchell County Hospital and many of the hospitals there. Heller commented that many of the legislators needed to be educated on this, and how the system has failed hospitals. He expressed concern about the Oversight Committee, and how it is providing oversight on hospitals rather than the companies it planned to watch. Heller said that when he tried to approach the KHA representative to talk about issues, he was only directed to talk to his local legislator.
Dick commented that he thought the legislators were genuinely concerned, and that many gave him their contact information and that he will be getting in touch with them.
Dick added that Medicaid is designed to pay well over 80% of costs, and they end up reimbursing around 67%, and that may be even lower due to old figures.
Heller thought that most legislators took it to heart and realized that it cost more than they had assumed. Now, he said, they have to hold on the pressure or when the budget talks start happening, he fears hospitals could become a low priority.
Dick talked about KanCare, AmeriGroup and United Health Plan plans. He said that he is negotiating with the first two, but that United Health Plan is not willing to negotiate. He has until the end of January to decide if he would like to sign their plan.
Dick also talked about the Community Health Assessment. He said that organizations have been sending mailers and doing interviews in the community, and that he appreciates all who have helped with the survey.
The administrator also commented that the new sprinkler system cost is about $5000 more than he had expected, due to a requirement that even closets had to have them. Dr. Kris Kimple moved to approve the sprinkler costs, and Mike Heller seconded the motion, and it was approved.
David Dick took a moment to recognize Jordan Eck for 5 years of service in acute care, and Shelia Thompson for 15 years, who is currently in the surgery department.
Dick also said that the hospital is in a recruitment contract with the Physical Therapy Director and that they have sent out an employment offer to a locally-raised physical therapy student, who will be done with school in May. They hope to hear an agreement on that offer soon.
Chairman Curt Fraiser then called an Executive Session to discuss Medical Staff credentials and risk management and the meeting was adjourned.

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