County Commissioners Meeting 12-31-12

County Commissioner Chairman, Tom Claussen, called the short meeting to order Monday morning at the Mitchell County Courthouse. He pointed out that Matt Schroeder of Tipton had to cancel his appointment due to poor weather conditions.
Chairman Claussen then called attention to a Neighborhood Revitalization application for $45,000 for Mark and Vicki Jackson at 615 N. Hersey St, which was described as a garage with a small living space. The commissioners unanimously agreed to accept the application.
Chairman Claussen also noted that Clean-Line Energy will be hosting a meeting on January 15 at Concordia's City Hall to discuss with potential helpers and vendors for their project. They will also be holding a meeting on January 31 from 7-9am in the Beloit Municipal Building for property owners near the new energy lines. Their website is cleanlineenergy.com.
Chairman Claussen also wanted to thank, recognize and congratulate Lorraine Harris for becoming the VP of OCCK. He also wanted to thank KAC and the North Central Planning Commission for thinking of the Commissioners and for sending Christmas Cards.
Pawnee Mental Health Services sent a contract for the next year for the commissioners to sign. The 2013 contract was approved unanimously with the motion from Commissioner Virgil Palen, and a second from Commissioner Mike Cooper.
The commissioners also approved a bond from Jerry Wessling, Plum Creek Township Treasurer.
The commissioners then moved to the business of financial transfers. All were approved unanimously, and those include:
$2,500 from the Election Fund into the Election Technology Fund
$50,000 from the General Fund into the Courthouse Renovation Fund
$10,000 from the County Health Fund into the County Health Capital Outlay Fund
$4,000 from the General Fund into the Courthouse Technical Fund
$12,000 from the Ambulance Rescue Squad Fund into the Ambulance Rescue Squad Special Equipment Fund
$110,140 from the General Fund into the Ambulance Fund
$60,000 from the Ambulance Fund into the Ambulance Special Equipment Fund
$5,000 from the Tipton Fire District #1 Fund into the Tipton Fire District Special Equipment Fund

The Commissioners then went into a short work session where no decisions were made.
Larry Emerson, Public Works Director, asked for an end-of-year transfer of $56,400 from the County Road and Bridge Fund to the Special Highway Improvement Fund and $150,000 from the County Road and Bridge Fund to the Special Machinery Fund. Both were accepted unanimously.
Emerson added that they are trying to stay caught up with the snow clearing, and the commissioners wished him luck and safety.
Dan Streit of the Mitchell County Weed Department asked for an end-of-year transfer from the Bindweed Fund, also known as the County Weed Department Fund, to the Capital Outlay Fund of $10,000. It was passed on a motion from Commissioner Cooper and a second from Commissioner Palen.
Commissioner Claussen said that the next meeting would be next Monday, the 7th, at 8:30 am, wished everyone a happy, healthy and safe 2013, he also wished the Kansas State Wildcats luck in the Fiesta Bowl, and wished safe travels for all who are attending, and adjourned the meeting.


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