County Commissioners Meeting 1-7-13

The Mitchell County Commissioner Meeting opened on Monday morning with an appointment made by Matt Schroeder of Tipton. Schroeder came to discuss a variety of things with the commissioners.
Schroeder asked first, as a taxpayer, what he was receiving in return for paying those taxes, and that he thinks they are too high. He said the commissioners should think about that, and answer that when he comes back in a couple of weeks.
Chairman Claussen said that in his time as a commissioner, he realized how much it costs to run a county government, and that the county gets very little from the state government to run their various projects. Schroeder said that he realizes that, but thinks that the county can cut some unneeded spending.
Schroeder also asked if the commissioners believe that our Federal Government is a Peacetime or Wartime government. He said he has been doing some reading on those topics, and though he couldn't describe the differences while he was at the meeting, he would like the commissioners to let him know at the aforementioned future appointment. He also said we, as a nation, need to look at the Bible, and what the United Nations has planned for us, and prepare as a community.
Commission Chairman Claussen pointed out that the Mitchell County Commissioners have no authority on a federal government level. Schroeder acknowledged that, but said that there have been states looking at seceding from the union, a union that he refers to as the "United States of Obama." He said that if the central states could secede, that these states could make an independent country.
Schroeder thanked the commissioners for their time, and said that he looks forward to talking to them in a couple of weeks.
The commissioners then took 10 minutes for an executive session to discuss non-elected personnel. No decisions were made.
Chairman Claussen then discussed the possibility of the county closing on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Clerk Treaster will look into what other counties are doing and report back.
Larry Emerson, Public Works Director, said that he has received some complaints about the roads, and that some people need to get used to some slick conditions as the county tries to manage the roads. Commissioner Mike Cooper said that he talked to the Mayor, and bother were impressed at the county's work after a trip to Hunter. Emerson said that they will not be perfect in the days following a snowstorm, and that there are places that need more work, but that they were working through New Year's day, and they continue to. He said that most streets are drivable, and that people just need to use common sense.
Commissioner Virgil Palen pointed out that the causeway is slick, and that the cable is barely above the road, and that it will do no good in stopping a car. Emerson said that they need to widen that road and work on the belt situation, pending an ‘okay' from the Bureau of Reclamation. Commissioner Cooper said that once it is taken out, the county can finance a replacement. Chairman Claussen said that he will call Senator Moran's office regarding the issue.
Commissioner Palen also pointed out that he could not believe the number of ice fisherman he saw on the lake recently. Chairman Claussen joked that it would be awfully hard for him to fish through 2 life preservers.
Emerson also said the landfill backhoe needs to be replaced. He said the compressor and mounting system has gone bad, and that it has 8,000 hours on it. The commissioners discussed what the cost would be before Chairman Claussen said that it is the county's responsibility to make sure that the landfill workers have safe and reliable equipment to operate.
Treaster pointed out that the swearing in of new officials will occur after the next meeting, Monday the 14th, and that there will be a party from 10-12 for commissioner Palen. Commissioner Palen joked that he may miss that day. Chairman Claussen said that they owe him a nice sendoff after 12 years of public service. Palen said that he has enjoyed it, his fellow commissioners, the courthouse staff and the county he has worked with. Chairman Claussen then adjourned the meeting.

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