Farmway hosts Kansas Fire and Rescue Training Institute Grain Engulfment Course

BELOIT, KANSAS: Nineteen Farmway employees and area rescue teams attended University of Kansas Fire and Rescue Training Institute's course on Grain Engulfment Rescue training on January 19.

The course provided knowledge and skills required to perform a Grain Engulfment Rescue, a lesson Farmway safety director, David Edwards, hopes no one has to perform, but is a necessity to learn in the agriculture industry.

The first portion of the course contained classroom presentations about removal and rescue from grain bins and hoppers, grain bin cutting procedures, entrapment prevention and hazards of working in and around grain storage facilities.

The second portion of the course consisted of hands-on learning through the mobile Grain Engulfment Trainer equipment. Farmway employees and area rescue teams practiced grain bin cutting as well as experienced what it would be like if they were trapped in a grain bin.

"It gave us a real life feel of when you're trapped because everybody got buried in grain. So as part of the rescue team we know what the victim is going through," said Cody Thompson, Farmway energy operations and Mitchell County Rural Fire District #3 volunteer. "It's a big claustrophobic feel - just imagine not being able to move your entire body. The person most likely is behaving hysterically and keeping them calm is a big portion of the rescue."

The training was facilitated by Rick Diebert, Richard Speilman, and Tim Pitts with the Institute and hosted at Farmway's Distribution Center in Beloit.

"The training isn't required, but it's so important to have it since we're in rural areas," said Thompson. "Grain engulfment can happen at elevators or producer's farm."
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