City Council Approves Police Chief’s Actions

During the opening statements of the Beloit City Council meeting held Tuesday night, Mayor Tom Naasz expressing his thanks to Police Chief Brennon Odle and the officers of the Beloit Police Department for the fine work they are doing in ridding the city of drug dealings. He said they have made 46 arrests in the last few months and he encouraged them to keep up the good work.

Mayor Naasz said Chief Odle has answered his questions as to what took place when he traded three used vehicles to Beloit Auto and Truck for two newer vehicles. He is satisfied that no city policy was broken in this transaction. He thanked the Chief and his officers for their fine work and offered his heartfelt apology for what took place in regard to this issue.

Councilman Bob Richards added he felt a concerted effort had been made to embarrass City Administrator Glenn Rodden and this shouldn't have taken place. He thanked the police department and the City Administrator for the work they are doing in behalf of the city.

Councilman Bob Petterson agreed with the rest of the council who had expressed their regret in the incident that happened but said he feels it wouldn't have happened if an effort had been made to communicate with the council members. "We buy you radios and cell phones and other equipment so you can communicate and it wouldn't be that hard to contact them and let them know what is going on. We need to get the information before it comes out on the radio and in the paper. It makes me feel pretty stupid when people call and ask me what is going on and I have no idea. We need to have better communication when something like this goes on," Petterson said. Mayor Naasz again expressed the city's appreciation from the council and the people of the community for the work the department is doing.

City Attorney, Katie Cheney, provided the council with a copy of the easement map showing where this property in question is located in the Conroy Place Edition. She explained there is no record of an actual easement being filed. They can get this public record by taking action on this. She also handed out copies of information on how the leases on the police department vehicles work. Speaking of the lease agreement with Travis Lattin, Cheney said, Lattin has asked this lease be made in the name of Boettcher Aerial instead of in his name.

Administrator Rodden said the city crew has torn out the bricks in the next section of the Mill Street Project and work will be starting on that area. They are doing maintenance work on the water tower and draining the water out of it. They are getting calls from people thinking the tower is leaking. The Comprehensive Planning Committee met last week and plan to meet again next week, he said. The City Electric Utility Department has been interviewing candidates to fill the two vacancies they have open and have narrowed it down to the final applicants.

Mayor Naasz opened a Public Hearing for the Vacation of easement in the Conroy Place Addition. No one was present to object to this action and the hearing closed. The council passed Ordinance 2125 on the Easement in the Conroy Place Addition. The motion passed 7 to 0 with Council Women Pat Struble absent from the meeting.

After discussion of the changes in the City Animal Code from City Code Officer, Chris Jones, the council passed Ordinance 2126 amending the City Animal Code by a vote of 7 to 0.

The council passed Resolution 2013-4 dealing with refinancing the Pool Revenue Bonds. This resolution authorizes Piper Jaffay & Company to refinance the cities existing Public Building Revenue Bonds that were issued two years ago for the construction of a new swimming pool. Refinancing will take place when market conditions are favorable to the city. The Public Building Commission composed of Matt Otte, Tom Naasz and Kent Miller met after the meeting and approved the resolution to renew the pool revenue bonds.

Under Formal Actions the council discussed their agreement with Travis Lattin for the demolition and construction of a new hangar at the Moritz Airport. Under this three -part agreement the City of Beloit will use its crew or contract a third party to do this work that is to be completed on or before June 15, 2013. Boettcher Aerial will pay for all costs of construction for the new hangar and select a contractor to complete the construction of the hangar. Upon completion Boettcher Aerial will sell the hangar to the city for a nominal amount and enter into a 25-year lease whereby Boettcher and Lattin will lease the hangar from the city for $100 a year. Boettcher will be responsible for insurance, utilities and maintenance of the building. The motion passed 7 to 0.

The City entered into a lease agreement with Farmway Coop on the hangar currently leased by Jim Rome. The motion passed 7 to 0. City Administrator Rodden was appointed voting delegate on the Kansas Municipal Utilities Board of Directors and City Electric Utility Director, Ronald Sporleder, as the alternate voting delegate.

The council voted to allow Mayor Naasz to sign all closing documents for the contract between Crop Production Services and the City of Beloit for the sale of land near the city's wastewater plant. Closing is scheduled for Wednesday, April 3rd.

Administrator Rodden told the council according to Schwab Eaton representative Stuart Porter, P.E. recent developments in the award of the KLINK Project bid for the Mill and Overlay project was awarded to Shilling Construction. Due to discrepancies with the Kansas Department of Transportations bid document's stating the project construction have a start date of July 4, 2013 because this project is Fiscal Year project and the States FY 2014 starts on July 1, 2013. Shilling withdrew their bid and the contract was awarded to Hall Brothers, Inc. in the amount of $163,409.60 contingent on KDOT's review and approval. The council approved this action.

During the work session the council discussed the ATV Ordinance material that was presented to the council but not passed in 2009. Councilman Rick Brown would like to revisit this ordinance at the next council meeting. Police Chief Brennon Odle discussed problems his department has with the way this ordinance is written and council discussed how this ordinance should read. Mayor Naasz asked Chief Odle to write up regulations as he feels it should be worded and asked Administrator Rodden to put this on the April 2, meeting agenda.

City Code Officer, Chris Jones, discussed the upcoming NCK Animal Law and Care Conference meeting being sponsored by the Post Rock Humane Society to be held on March 25 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the NCK Technical College. Anyone wishing to attend should contract Chris Jones and RSVP by March 20. The admission is free. A number of speakers will take part. They are encouraging city council members and county commissioners and other officials to attend.

Mayor Naasz announced the Tour of Elmwood Cemetery on March 26, anytime between 1 and 4 pm. They ask that you RSVP to 738-2270 so they know the times and the number coming. Naasz said Lynn Miller has been the Cemetery Superintendent for the last 4 years and a lot of improvements have been made. Robert Thompson has been the cemetery sexton for over a year now and would appreciate the opportunity to show the community the projects that have been completed and talk about cemetery maintenance.

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