Busy Night For City Council

The Beloit City Council dealt with a busy Agenda at their meeting Tuesday evening. All council members were present for the meeting.

Two Ordinances were on the agenda for council approval including Ordinance No. 2127, which is an ATV Ordinance that would allow citizens to ride ATVs on city streets if they meet the requirements outlined in the ordinance. City Attorney Katie Cheney said this covers all ATV's, MUTs and WUVs. The vehicle must have everything a car must have. She is preparing a $25 registration form that riders can get at the Mitchell County Law Enforcement Center. All riders must be 18 or over, have insurance, proper permits and a valid drivers license. There will be a $50 fine for infractions and the driver will have to go before the judge.

Chief of Police, Brennon Odle, said all of these stipulations would make it easier for his department to be able to make arrests. Drivers can go across the highway but not up and down the highway. The question was asked how the drivers were going to get to the Chautauqua Park without driving on the highway. Chief Odle suggested each driver should talk to their individual insurance carrier and get their ruling as to what would apply in this case. After discussion it was decided these vehicles could drive on Hershey Ave.

Kent Miller said his instruction book says never use it on public roads. His concern is whether the council will be opening a can of worms with this action. David Chase asked about the ATV used by the EMS to transport patents. It was decided an exemption would have to be made for Law Enforcement and other emergency departments. Mayor Tom Naasz called for the vote; which ended with five yes and three no votes and the Ordinance passed.

Ordinance 2128 authorizes the city to issue taxable electric utility system revenue bonds, series 2113, for the electric system projects to pay the cost of the Sunflower Mfg. and David Kohler projects. The City proposes to issue $195,700 so authorized to pay the costs of this action. The council approved this action.

Two resolutions were also on the agenda. Resolution 2013-5 provides for the adoption of Tax and Securities Compliance Procedures. Gilmore Bell, the cities bond counsel, has recommended the City of Beloit adopt this resolution as a way of meeting IRS requirements for post-bond issuance reporting. This was approved by a vote of 8 to 0. Resolution 2013-6 authorizes and directs the sale of revenue bonds to support the electric system projects with Sunflower Manufacturing and Kohler Welding.

During his Administrator Report Glenn Rodden told the council they had a tour of the downtown businesses that are vying for the grant money. The recipients of those funds will be announced next week. The house at the North Campus was removed this last week. The Cemetery Tour put on by the Parks and Recreation Dept. was well attended. The acquisition of the piece of property being sold to Crop Production Services will be finished up this coming week.

A public hearing was held in order to abate the city code violations that exist on the property of Carol & Richard Padgett at 425 E. South Street in Beloit. The Padgett's were given notice to clear this trash with in 10 days. Richard Padgett spoke to he Council and said he has cleared some of the trash but the rest is too heavy for him to move without help. He requested an extension of 10 more days to get this job completed. The council agreed to this arrangement but if it is not finished by that time Padgett's will be given a notice to appear in court to settle the matter.

Under Formal Actions the Council accepted a bid for employee uniforms from Action T's for the approximate amount of $5,980. This cost may vary because sizes and quantities may vary.

The Council approved the low bid from B & M Construction in the amount of $13,016 for the construction of a new entryway to the office at the wastewater treatment plant.

The Council approved a contract with David Kohler for re-imbursing the city for the extension of electric utilities to Koehler's business outside of the city limits. This would be 10-equal semi-annual payments in the amount of $11,909.41 in accordance with the pay scale.

The Council approved an agreement with Sunflower Manufacturing to re-imburse the city for the electric utility extension to the new addition to their business in a lump sum payment in the amount of $76,514.83 on or before September 1, 2013.

The Council approved the hiring of Lawrence (Larry Lee) as a patrol officer for the City of Beloit starting at pay level 25, step 5, with an hourly rate of $17.64. Mr. Lee comes to Beloit from a rural community in upstate New York and will replace former police officer Schaefer Fraley who left several months ago. Officer Lee served five years in the Coast Guard and was their weapons officer. He will be serving as the department's fitness coordinator, range master and firearms instructor.

The Council approved the City Insurance renewal with Fout's Insurance LLC. Of Beloit, at a cost of $299,437, which represents approximately a $15,000, increase from last year's premium. This is due to an increase in the value of power plant equipment, the value of the new swimming pool, seven mowers and increased damage coverage at the power plant. The new cooling tower is not covered as yet. There is a decrease in the worker's compensation premium due to fewer claims.

A 5-minute Attorney-Client closed session was held with Administrator Rodden and Attorney Cheney present. Mayor Naasz announced no action was taken.
During the Work Session three items were discussed: Chris Jones reported the Comprehensive Planning Committee has received six proposals all compiled in the manner they asked for. They will meet this Thursday evening to review these and try to weed out some of them. "We aren't looking for the low bid but for the best bid. It's going to be very interesting. Some plans would take 12 months and some 14 to 16 months to complete. It is a very rewarding process," Jones said.

Ronald Sporleder, Electric Operations Director, discussed the training program the Kansas Municipal Utilities has recently developed for power pant operators. Sporleder is recommending the City of Beloit participate in this program. He said this power plant is valued at approximately 40 million dollars and he feels trained operators are needed to run it. Due to retirements in the department they will have three new operators to train and perhaps a total of five operators to train in the near future. This is a four-year course with 8000 hours of on the job training at an estimated cost of $3,000 per operator. Sporleder outlined his plan to reward those who complete the course. He presented this plan to the Council as a discussion action only so no action was taken at the Tuesday night meeting.

Councilman Bob Petterson talked about funding the city's former sidewalk project that helped people pay to put in a new sidewalk. His idea to take funds out of the $213,000 Atrazine settlement to do this was met by opposition from some of those present. Petterson said he felt renewing this project would be beneficial to people who own property and to the people of Beloit. The City would pay for the concrete and the owner would pay for setting up the forms and the labor. This would not include the sidewalk up to the houses. This is a good time of year to put in a sidewalk when the weather isn't too hot or too cold, Peterson said.

Kendall Francis, said the money from the Athrazine settlement should go to his department since they haven't had a surplus of funds for a long time. He has eliminated two employees in the last few years to try to stay within budget. The money needs to stay in the water fund reserve to replace equipment they need to purchase, Francis said. Councilman Bob Richards agreed but said the sidewalk project is a good idea and money for it should be included in this coming years budget. No decision was made, as this was a discussion item only.

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