Beloit Resident ran in the Boston Marathon

Long time residents of Beloit and the surrounding area will remember Ron Mastin, son of Marvin and Sophia Mastin, who was held as a prisoner of war during the Korean War. A welcome home was held in Beloit for Ron following his release.

Charlene Watson, KVSV reporter remembered as she heard about the Boston Marathon explosions yesterday that Ron and his son usually run together in this race every year.

She contacted Ron's brother Frank Mastin who lives in Arizona via e-mail. Frank was in her class at Beloit High School and he sent back this information:

" Ron ran the Boston Marathon today in 3:50:27 and finished about 19 minutes before the bombs went off. His wife, Dawn was waiting at the finish line for him in a wheelchair. Luckily they had both vacated the area before the bombs went off. His son Michael did not run this year."

I am sure many remember Ron and the Mastin Family. Ron's sister, Jocile (Mastin) Fulhage, and her family still live southwest of Beloit.

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