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The Mitchell County Commissioners opened three truck bids that were received by Larry Emerson, of the County Public Works Department as discussed at last week's meeting. This bid is for a 2014 truck to replace the 1997 truck that department is using at the present time that has 400,000 miles on it. Bids were received from Roberts Truck Co. and Midwest Kenworth both of Salina.

The first bid was from Midwest Kenworth on a 2014 Kenworth Truck & Trailer for $110,760 which included a $18,000 trade in price making the actual cost of the truck & trailer $92,760.

Roberts Truck Company offered two bids. The first was on a 2014 International 77600 cab and trailer for $110,760. This includes a trade in price of $11,900 making the actual cost of the truck $94,536. Their second bid was for a 2014 Mac Truck and trailer with a Cummings motor at a cost of $102,171 less the trade-in price of $11,900 making the actual cost $90,271.

All three trucks are snowplow adaptable. The International truck is the only one that does not have to have the Urea emission added to the fuel. This is the last year that company will be able to offer this motor. Emerson said he questions how the trucks with the urea additive would work where his department leaves their trucks set out in the winter and urea freezes at 11 degrees. One of the representatives said this shouldn't be a problem with the engine warm-up schedule. He said people run this fuel in their trucks in Canada so it should be fine. Commissioners Claussen said the truck without the urea would be cheaper to run and the truck representative said if you buy a 55-gallon drum, the urea runs about $2 per gallon of fuel.

Emerson said he would go through all the information to be sure the truck they decide to purchase meets all the specifications they asked for and bring back his decision at the May 13 meeting.

Commissioner, Jim Marshall, said a number of people have asked him why the county doesn't use semis. Emerson said his department is not set up for it. He has talked to other counties that have trouble with air lines freezing up in the winter. This kind of truck would not work to seal roads or do asphalt work and they couldn't be able to push snow with them. They work good to haul gravel but they wouldn't be able to turn them around in a lot of tight places. He was asked how many dump trucks they have and he said they have six trucks.

Heather Hartman, Community Development Director, said she received an e-mail telling her they are working on getting a provision put into the ROZ Program so that businesses can sponsor a specific person they want to be accepted into the ROZ Program. She is hoping this goes through because she has had three local employers call her about wanting to do this just this week.

Kathy Webster, representing Pawnee Mental Health, told commissioners May is Mental Health Month. Webster asked commissioners to sign their Proclamation entitled "Hope is Waiting...Help is Here" on behalf of Mitchell County. She said, mental health problems are as treatable as other health problems, and people who have mental illnesses can recover and lead full productive lives. Mental illness will strike nearly one in four adults and one in five children in a given year.

Weber said it is estimated two-thirds of adults and youth who have mental health disorders are not receiving the help they need. Now, more than ever before mental health is an issue that needs to be addressed, she said. Commissioners signed the Proclamation making May Mental Health Month in Mitchell County.

Ed Debesis, Emergency Medical Services, asked for a 15-minute Executive meeting with the commissioners and County Clerk, Chris Treaster present to discuss non-elected personnel. Chairman Mike Cooper said no decisions were made during the meeting.

Debesis told the commissioners their billing computer crashed and they went viral. This will cost them $329 a month. He was able to get on the program and bill out a test file and all went well with it. Jeff Roberg, County IT Director, has their computer all reformatted and will be bringing it back this afternoon.

A Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Rebate Application was received from Tyler Allen, at Tipton, in School District 272, in the amount of $22,406. This is for an addition to his commercial building and will be used to process meat. He will do most of the work himself. Commissioners approved the application.

Clerk Treaster, reminded everyone the second half of their taxes are due this week by May 10, payable in the County Treasurer's office.

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