Commissioners Approve AGCO IRB Resolution

The Mitchell County Commissioners unanimously approved AGCO Corporation's request for Mitchell County to approve a to determine the advisability of issuing taxable Industrial Revenue Bonds for the purpose of financing the construction of additions and equipping of an existing manufacturing facility. Resolution 2013-03 was approved this morning

Ron Harris, Vice President of Operations and Tim Kresky, Operations Controller, at AGCO, and acting legal council, Curt Frasier, presented a proposal to the Mitchell County Commissioners at last weeks meeting. AGCO is better known in this area as "Sunflower Manufacturing Co." Their proposal asked the county to sign a resolution approving sixteen-million dollars in Industrial Revenue Bonds with a 100 percent tax abatement clause for the company for ten years and no sales tax on the new project costs.

A Public Hearing was conducted at that time to discuss Industrial Revenue Bonds and take any questions the public had about how they work. Sarah Steele, Gilmore & Bell was present to make the presentation. All interested persons were afforded an opportunity to present their views on the issuance of the bonds and the exemption from ad valorem taxation and the public hearing was closed.

At that time, the Mitchell County Commissioners, consisting of Chairman, Mike Cooper, Councilman Tom Claussen and Councilman Jim Marshall, asked for a weeks time to look over the proposal and have Mitchell County Attorney, Mark Noah approve the information before signing the resolution. At the meeting this morning the Commissioners unanimously approved this proposal as Resolution 2013-03 for AGCOs proposed expansion.

Chairman Cooper said in talking people in the community including an AGCO employee, business owners and people on the street he heard nothing but praise for AGCO Corporation. Commissioner Claussen said they are looking forward to working with AGCO in the future. He expressed the feeling is that what benefits Mitchell County benefits all of North Central Kansas. Harris agreed and said this plan would be a win-win situation for everybody involved. It will bring new residents to Mitchell County by creating more jobs, increase school funding and add students to the school district and increase tax property base and evaluation. In short, it would have far reaching benefits over all, he said.

At some point in time another resolution will have to be made if anything changes outside the perimeters of this present resolution. The Commissioners said they are very comfortable with this project and this week's delay was more just to give them peace of mind about the agreement. They asked for a building project report at least once a year. Harris agreed to this and invited commissioners to come out for a tour at any time.

Curt Frasier, as acting attorney for the Public Building Commission, spoke on behalf of the Public Building Commission. David Dick, MCHHS Administrator, Eldon Koepke, MCHHS Chief Financial Officer and Glen Rodden, Beloit City Administrator were present for the meeting.

Since none of the present commissioners were in office in 2008 when the Mitchell County Hospital Healthcare Systems started the hospital expansion, Frasier explained the tax exempt revenue bonds that were put in place at that time and the hospital's present need to refinance these bonds.

The revenue bonds were set up through the Public Building Commission. There are six commissions and one active county commissioner on that board. Present members of the Board are Jarold Boettcher, Jeff Zimmer, Brian Eilert, Larry White, Phil Kirchoff, and Bob Serverance. Retired commissioner Virgil Palen was the reprehensive from the Board of Commissioners. However, since the bylaws state members of this board have to reside in Mitchell County Jarold Boettcher has withdrawn from the board and they are requesting John Cashatt to fill his position. Since Palen is retired they are requesting one of the present commissioner take his place.

Frasier also presented a resolution relating to the appointment of members of the Mitchell County Public Building Commission and removing their term limits. At the present time board members terms roll over every two years. Since it is becoming increasingly difficult to find replacement members the resolution is to take the serving limits off.

This board only meets when issues come up they have to participate in. Since they need to meet in the near future to discuss the hospital bond issue, Frasier asked the commissioners to approve John Cashatt to the board and decide which commissioner will serve on the board as soon as possible. Commissioner Clausen asked what the hospital bond interest rate is. .Frasier said this action should save the hospital from 600 to 800 thousand dollars. FCO Koepke said the Federal Government has until September 1, to approve this loan but he has to have it submitted by in June. Adm. Dick said they would like to take advantage of this opportunity if they can. Chairman Cooper tabled this decision until their next meeting, which will be on Tuesday, May 28, due to Memorial Day weekend, to give County Attorney Noah a chance to look over the resolution.

In other business: The Commissioners held a 15-minute Executive Meeting to discuss confidential data relating to financial affairs for trade secrets of a corporation. No decisions were made.

Register of Deeds, Tami Eck, reported she has hired Angela Engelbert, to fill the vacancy in her office. Larry Emerson, Public Works, reported they got the new backhoe delivered at the landfill. The truck chassis and cab they bought will be in sooner than expected. He requested a 15 minute Executive Meeting to discuss to discuss non-elected personnel. No decisions were made.

Ed Debesis, EMS Director, made a monthly report to commissioners at their request on the overtime he and Janet Gengler have to date. Chairman Cooper said this costs a lot less than paying overtime to the other EMS employees. Debesis is still looking for someone to fill the vacant spot in the EMS Department but hasn't had any applications yet. He and Janet are splitting the shifts and work at the $13 an hour rate. Other employees are having some overtime as well. He was told to get aggressive with his help wanted ads and will place an ad in the Waconda Trader and the Salina Journal.

Jerry Oetting visited about the Mitchell County Fair Board and their 2014 Budget. They are trying to encourage more events to be held at the fairgrounds to add revenue to their funds. Oetting talked about new improvements they would like to make if they had the funds and buildings that need work or to be torn down. They are hiring 4-H members to help with the painting. They are one person short on the fair board at the present time.

Sondra Hone, County Health Dept. asked for a 15-minute Executive Meeting with commissioners to discuss non-elected personnel. No decisions were made. Tanna Wyman, Home Health Coordinator was with her. Hone thanked the commissioners for their support of the recent Health Fair and the community as a whole for its support and participation.

The Commissioners, Clerk Chris Treaster and Heather Hartman, Community Development Director attended a Multi-County meeting in Osborne at noon.

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