Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems Board of Trustees Meeting 5-20-13

Monday night's Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems Board of Trustees meeting began as President Curt Frasier turned it over to Stephanie Simmons for the Foundation's Report.
Simmons started her report by discussing the status of a grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation for Solomon Valley Transportation. She reapplied for the grant from KDOT, asking for an expansion of the funds to create a more regional travel effort. They have unsuccessfully applied for the expansion over the last two years, and they were also unsuccessful this year. Simmons said that she and David Dick, Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems Administrator, joined with Kansas Representative Susan Concannon to "pound fists" at the state level. She said that they had their funding, which was originally cut $46,000 from their asking amount restored to the full $150,000 that was asked for. Simmons said that with this money, they can begin to develop expansion to the region. She said that she hopes that Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems will be looked at more as a hub than a regional transit program.
Simmons said that the Purdue building is dragging behind where she wanted it to be at this point. She said that it takes a lot of paperwork to make a building a landmark, and more to make changes to it after it has been made a landmark. Simmons said that the lower level of offices and a kitchen are being finalized, and that the roof work will begin this summer. She said that it should be done before this coming fall, and that it will be a massive project. Next they will be looking at parking. They will also be looking forward to the second floor renovations with work needing to be done to air conditioning, wall repair and bathroom reconstruction. Simmons said that bids are being received for that project. She projects that the whole house can be completed, excluding some exterior work, by winter.
Simmons also talked about the Aware Team, which she described as a coalition in the community from a grant from the Kansas Health Foundation that promotes active living and healthy eating among other health-based goals. They have received a $25,000 planning grant to prepare for the coming years, and are waiting to hear on a 3-year extension of that grant. The committee has aligned with the Hospital and the Health department to complete a community health assessment made up of health and wellness surveys. The results will be in a community meeting in late June. Simmons said that they had about 10 to 12 people at their first meeting. Now the meetings bring about 25 people. Their #1 priority is trying to find connectivity in the community. According to their surveys, it was the #1 complaint. Simmons said that it may mean that the community needs better sidewalks and lighting for interaction and activity.
Simmons reported that the Foundation annual golf tournament is Thursday, August 1, and that reminders were sent out with many replies. Sponsor registration will open on June 1 when brochures are sent out, and July 4 will open individual registration if spots are open. She said that they have around 110 golfers in the past years. Simmons said to contact her if anyone has questions.
Hospital Administrator David Dick started the Quality Improvement Report with an Update on the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems, or HCAHPS (pronounced H-CAPS). Dick's original plan was to go ahead and direct the patients to the survey, but when he saw the nature of some of the questions, he decided to put it on hold for a couple of months to do some PR work with the community before introducing them to the questions. He said that beginning HCAHPS was strongly recommended for the Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems, and that it increases patient satisfaction. Dick said that he wanted the federal government to see that rural hospitals have the potential for high quality care.
In Dick's Electronic Medical Record Progress Report, he said that he is in the final steps of meeting the Stage 1 Attestation Compliance. He said that there are now 55 pages for him to go through and fill in how certain criteria were met, but that he has started. Dick said that he thinks he will be done mid-summer, and will need new software for stage 2.
Dick said that he is still waiting to hear on lost file servers, but hopes that they can be recovered. He said that some information on the servers was recovered, but that there is still more important data to locate. He said that the recovery firm cited that physical damage was the issue, and disputed claims to the contrary, or claims that it could be a fatal software error.
Dick said that there have not been any changes to update the Board on regarding the Physical Therapy Recruitment, but that the recruitment firm will help Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems look with a rate reduced by $2,700.
Dick also said that the sprinkler system has probably been completed, but that he needs to verify that. He commended the staff for fighting to save money by not having to put sprinkler systems in each closet.
Dick also commended 5 employees for their years of service. He said that Deidra Burks for 5 years in OT, Jolene Carlin for 5 years in Acute, Wanda Grittman for 15 years in Environmental Services along with ICU and acute care, Paula Jones for 20 years in Hospice and James Nothern for 45 years in Radiology where he retired from his director position, but still works at the hospital.
Dick said that he went to look at the former library building to house the hospice. He said that he went to the building thinking that it would not be suitable, and thought it would work nicely, but needs some work done to it. He said that the Library Board has agreed, and the City Council has approved it from July of 2013 to 2023. Their only cost will be utilities and improvements, and work will need to start immediately. The Board unanimously approved this idea with the motion from Terry Heller. Board President Curt Frasier and Dick both thanked the City Council for the opportunity. Dr. Kris Kimple said that he thinks the Hospice will be more visible at the library building. Frasier asked when the transition time could occur, and Dick said that it should be in 100 days starting June 1.
The Board also discussed that he is considering refinancing bonds with the Public Building Commission due to low interest rates, shorter bonds and possibility of loss of funds from sequestration. He said that the Board consists so far of Larry White, Brian Eilert, Jeff Zimmer and Bob Severance. The Board must replace retired County Commissioner Virgil Palen with another County Commissioner, and Jerry Boettcher, who moved out of the county. Frasier said that John Cashatt is in line for that role, but needs the approval of the County Commissioner.
Eldon Koepke, Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems CFO, said that they were pretty close to breaking even in the last month, but that cuts from sequestration could result in $16,000 reduced from reimbursement. In his April 2013 summary, he said that there were 91 admissions, 8 births, with the acute average length of stay at 3.84 days and 13.83 for Geri Psych, among other statistics.
President Frasier then called an Executive Session to discuss Medical Staff Credentials and Risk Management.

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