Chamber Chat - 6-21-13

Heart Choices Night at Beloit Pizza Hut!!
5 PM until 9 PM
We will receive 20% of ALL orders.
This includes dine-in, carry out, and delivery!  Eat out and help Heart Choices!! 

2014 CDBG Housing Grant Application

The City of Beloit is now accepting pre-applications for a CDBG Housing Grant.

All households receiving housing rehabilitation assistance must meet low to moderate income guidelines set by the HUD.

These funds can be used to assist the full range of specialty and minor repair programs and it has no minimum investment requirement. There are a wide variety of rehabilitation approaches that are possible under the CDBG programs including:
• Minor, Moderate or Substantial Rehabilitation
• Reconstruction - Involves demolishing an existing residential unit and rebuilding another on the same site
• Historic Preservation - Involves rehabilitating structures that are determined to be historic.
• Code Enforcement - must be undertaken in deteriorated or deteriorating neighborhoods.
• Home-based business rehabilitation - program funds can be used to make improvements to single family residential properties that also serve as places of business.
• Rental rehabilitation, tenants must be documented to be low to moderate income. If the owner of the rental unit can also be documented to be low to moderate income, the may propose a 100% grant on the rental unit. If the owner of the rental unit is not a Low to Moderate Income, he must contribute 25% towards the rehabilitation cost in cash.
• Demolition of residential structures is an eligible activity within a housing rehabilitation grant and does not have to meet the Low to Moderate Income requirement.

For more information or request for a pre-application, please contact:
Heather Hartman
Mitchell County Community Development Director
123 North Mill Street
Beloit, KS 67420

This is the best kept secret in our own backyard! Have you ever really understood what the economic impact of the college is to our community? We have approximately 900 students (full and part time) enrolled for the 2013-2014 academic year (includes both Beloit and Hays campuses).  The economic impact of the college (and the students) is significant.....a recent study indicated NCK Tech generated $31,679,608 in Kansas and $849,200 in volunteerism in Mitchell and Ellis counties. The college employs approximately 70 individuals in Beloit and 35 in Hays and, unlike community colleges, there is NO direct tax burden to the respective counties!!

A Kansas Board of Regents report indicates the state of Kansas invests annually $13,921,809 into Technical Colleges and, as a result, Tech Colleges have a $220,505,469 positive annual economic impact on the Kansas Economy. If you do the math, each dollar of state investment returns $15.84. The college routinely draws visitors to Beloit and those visitors purchase food, fuel and numerous other items during their stay in Beloit.

NCK Tech would like to partner with Chamber Members to help promote your business. The Chamber would like to offer, to students, a list of participating businesses who would give a discount, coupon or any other promotional item to students who produce their Student ID card.

If you would like to participate in this new and exciting program, contact the Chamber office at 738-2717.

Waconda Lake Fireworks!

Mark your calendars!!! 
Fireworks at Waconda Lake
Saturday July 6th at dusk around 9:30ish

One of the greatest 4th of July traditions that we share in North Central Kansas is the fireworks display at Waconda Lake. Unfortunately, this tradition is in great jeopardy of not being able to continue due to the lack of an interested party to organize the event. For the last several years, the fireworks display at Waconda Lake has been a huge draw and very well attended. Therefore, the newly formed Waconda Lake Fireworks Association has taken on the task to bring this even back to our area lake.
The Waconda Lake Fireworks Association has completed arrangements for a spectacular fireworks display at dusk (approximately 9:30 pm) on Saturday, July 6, 2013 and we are asking for your help and financial support.
This fireworks display will be enjoyed by many area residents, but it cannot be continued without donations, as our association is an all-volunteer, non-profit association.
Our fundraising goal for this fireworks display in 2013 is $7,000. This includes fees for the professional pyrotechnics of Rainbow Fireworks, insurance, permit fees, and advertising. Attached is a form which outlines sponsorship opportunities.
We hope you consider supporting this exciting venture and tradition.
The committee feels that the Waconda Lake Fireworks Display will benefit not only our area community members but area businesses as well.
Thank You.
Heather Johnson
Waconda Lake Fireworks Association, Chairman
S&S Drug, Office Manager

Sponsorship Info:
Platinum Sponsor
$750 and up
Large Name and/or Logo on
advertisements in papers and flyers
Business/Name mentioned on Radio

Gold Sponsor
$300 - 749
Medium Name and/or Logo on
advertisements in papers and flyers

Silver Sponsor
$100 - 299
Small Name and/or Logo on
advertisements in papers and flyers

less than $100

The Waconda Lake Fireworks Association deeply appreciates
your patronage toward this exciting project.
• Please make checks to: Waconda Lake Fireworks Association
• Return to: Heather Johnson, 605 N. Logan, Beloit, KS 67420

All sponsorship donations need to be received by June 14th to be included in the production of flyers, banners, etc.


3 Signs You're Meant to Be a Leader
Not everyone is cut out to be a leader. But if you have these three traits, you might be a natural born leader.
Les McKeown is the author of the bestseller "Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization on the Growth Track--and Keeping It There" and is the CEO of Predictable Success, a leading adviser on accelerated organizational growth. His latest book is "The Synergist: How to Lead Your Team to Predictable Success." @lesmckeown
Reading leadership literature (including this column), you'd sometimes think that it was written in the stars that everyone has the potential to be an effective leader.

I don't believe that to be true. In fact, I see way fewer truly effective leaders than I see people stuck in positions of leadership who are woefully incompetent at worst and seriously misguided about their own abilities at best.
Part of the reason this happens is a lack of honest self-assessment by those who aspire to leadership in the first place. And so, in the interest of increasing the quality of next-generation leadership, I give you this simple three-point self-assessment tool.

To paraphrase a certain comedian, "you might be a potential leader if..."

You lead only when you have to, not all the time. We've all met the type of individual who simply must take charge. Whether it's a strategic brainstorming session, a pick-up basketball game, or a family outing, they can't help grabbing the lead dog position and clinging on to it for dear life.
Always opinionated, usually impatient and frequently brusque, these gotta-be-in-fronters get so used to other people describing them as natural born leaders that sooner or later--to their own and everyone else's detriment--they begin to believe it.
Truth is, they're most always nothing of the sort. True leaders don't presume that it's their divine right to take charge every time two or more people get together. Quite the opposite.  A great leader will assess each situation on it's merits, and will only take charge when their position, the situation, and/or the needs of the moment demand it.
Oh, and if you read that last paragraph with a sneaking belief that in most situations you are the right person to take charge, you're most likely a gotta-be-in-fronter, not a leader.

You see much more than you do. Many business executives confuse leadership with action. These Tasmanian Devils believe that constant motion somehow generates leadership as a byproduct. Consequently, the more ambitious they are for a leadership role, the more furious their momentum becomes.
Leaving us mere mortals in their wake, the Tasmanian Devil works harder, faster, longer than everyone else. Faced with any situation that can't be solved by the sheer brute force of activity, they generate a dust cloud of impatience. Their one leadership tool is volume: if they think you aren't working as hard as they are--or as hard as they think you should--their demands become increasingly louder and more strident.
You'd think that such a blunt, one-club-fits-all mentality would preclude our action-at-all-costs executive from attaining any degree of seniority in a mature organization, but you'd be wrong. Sadly, many organizations, some of them Fortune 100 companies, encourage just such a chest-beating, fire-aim-ready definition of leadership.
True leaders understand the value of action, of course, but it isn't their only tool. In fact, it isn't even their primary tool. Great leaders see more than everyone else: answers, solutions, patterns, problems, opportunities, threats. They know it's vitally important to do, but they also know that thinking, understanding, contemplation and interpretation are equally important.

You change people. They achieve outcomes. Executive A hits his targets and burns out his team in the process. Executive B builds a great team, but they miss their goal. Which is the better leader?
It's a false dichotomy, and sadly, one that I see in organizations all the time. A true leader is option C: someone who develops his or her team so that they can and do hit their targets, achieve their goals.
If you're fixated on outcomes to the extent that you manipulate and bully others to achieve those outcomes (I know, you call it motivation--it isn't), then you aren't leading at all, you're dictating. And don't think this means that being a door mat is leadership either (we talked about the destructive nature of needing to be liked here). True leadership means building strong, capable teams that are goal- achievement-oriented.
Download a free chapter from the author's book, "The Synergist: How to Lead Your Team to Predictable Success" which provides a comprehensive model for developing yourself or others as an exceptional, world class leader.

Noteworthy News

The Chamber wants to help spread the word about your business. "Noteworthy News" is your opportunity to do just that. It's a great way to inform other Chamber members about anything that's new within your organization. Fill us in on what's happening from staff changes to a new product or service. Send it to beloitchamber@nckcn.com by Thursday afternoons and I will include it in Chamber Chat!

Calendar of Events

Tuesday, June 25th - Noon - Rotary - Porter House
Wednesday, June 26th - Noon - Lions Club - Plum Creek
Wednesday, June 26th - 4pm-6pm - Farmer's Market - Roadside Park
Thursday, June 27th - Noon - Mitchell County Historical Society - Plum Creek
Monday, July 1st - 7pm - Mitchell County Fair Board - Guaranty State Bank
Thursday, July 4th - Chamber Office Closed
Friday, July 5th - Chamber Office Closed
Saturday, July 6th - 9:30pm - Waconda Lake Fireworks - Waconda Lake
Tuesday, July 9th - Noon - Rotary - Porter House
Thursday, July 11th - 11am-6pm - Community Blood Drive - NCK Tech Wellness Gym
Thursday, July 11th - Noon - Chamber Board Meeting
Thursday, July 11th - Noon - Mitchell County Historical Society - Plum Creek
Tuesday, July 16th - Noon - Rotary - Porter House
Wednesday, July 17th - 9:30am - Ministerial Alliance
Thursday, July 18th - 12:30pm - SVED Board Meeting - North Central Regional Planning
Saturday, July 20th - 10am-5pm - Waconda Indian Festival - Glen Elder/Waconda Lake
Sunday, July 21st - 10am-5pm - Waconda Indian Festival - Glen Elder/Waconda Lake
Tuesday, July 23rd - Noon - Rotary - Porter House
Thursday, July 25th - Noon - Mitchell County Historical Society - Plum Creek
Saturday, July 27th - St. John's Harvest Festival
Tuesday, July 30th - Noon - Rotary - Porter House
Thursday-Saturday, August 8-10 - Mitchell County Fair

At any time, please feel free to stop by the Chamber office at 123 N Mill St. or call me at 738-2717.


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