New County Assessor Visits With Commissioners

Melinda Lathum, newly hired Mitchell County Appraiser, visited the Mitchell County Commissioners during their Monday morning meeting. This was Latham's first official day on the job although she has been helping out for a few days. The Commissioners welcomed her back to Mitchell County and to the courthouse staff.

Latham told the commissioners they could leave the budget for her Department the same, as it has been this past year as far as she is concerned. She did have a question as to whether she should leave Steve Weber's salary in her budget or put it in the GIS budget. Commissioners said to leave it as it is until next year. She also discussed purchasing a software update they will need so they can see the GIS maps on their computers. The commissioners approved this purchase. Chris Treaster, County Clerk, discussed Latham's contract with the county and how she wanted it handled. Treaster is to make up the contract for Latham to sign.

Commissioner Tom Claussen read a thank you note from Joyce Highland who retired from the Appraiser's Office recently after 17 years of service. She thanked everyone for putting up with her for the past 17 years as well as the gift she received. Commissioner Claussen said they should thank her for putting up with everyone at the courthouse all those years and wished her well in her next endeavor.

Chairman Cooper told the other Commissioners he received a letter stating they are nearing the completion on the State Capitol Building in Topeka. He read information from the Kansas Association of County's (KAC) about a map that is going to be inlaid in the middle of the floor of the main rotunda showing all the counties in the state. They are asking a fee of $1,000 per county for this. After discussion the commissioners voted to do a mass mailing to each non-profit organization in the county asking for a donation. If they collect more than the set fee they will send it in also. This would include the Lion's Clubs, the Rotary, the Eagles, the Knights of Columbus, the VFW and the American Legion. The money has to be in to the treasurer of the KAC by October 1, so the money needs to be turned in by September 15.

Larry Emerson, Public Works, brought in the concrete bids for the next quarter. Abram Ready Mix bid $116.34 per six sacks with 33 percent mix. Beloit Ready Mix bid $116.00 for six sacks of the same product. This is the first time the two bids have been so close. It was discussed that Abram gives a $1 discount if paid for by the 10th of the month but they are hardly ever able to the bill paid by that time so the bid was awarded to Beloit Ready Mix.

Emerson said his crew finished mowing last week and by this Friday they should be done mixing asphalt to overlay the roads. He received a call from Commissioner Jim Marshall asking about putting in a bridge 2 or 3 miles north and a ways back south of Tipton by Neil Gasper's farm. This bridge is on the Mitchell-Osborne county lines. Emerson said someone from Osborne had told to him some time ago but he understood they wanted to wait a while to put in a new bridge. This is a small bridge and Emerson doesn't know what size bridge the want to put there. He will talk to Osborne County and see what they want to do about it. Marshall will talk to people about this too. Some of his crew took time off for harvest. He will have to check road signs after harvest and see how many were knocked down by the large equipment and need to be put back up or replaced.

Commissioner Ben Marshall read a Neighborhood Revitalization Application for a tax rebate for Jason Channell at the residence at 1403 North Bell in Beloit in the amount of $16,159.69. Also, for a commercial building by Keith and/or Debra Houghton of Tipton, in the amount of $114,376.00. Commissioners approved the applications.

Commissioner Claussen reminded everyone of the terrible tragedy that happened in Arizona that took 19 firefighters lives. He encouraged every one to be careful with the 4th of July coming up and wheat stubble fires as well. Claussen also reminded the other commissioners of the Health Department meeting coming up in Russell on December 12 in Russell sponsored by the KAC. They will be thinking about it and decide later on if they want to attend.

Commissioner Claussen also brought up the fact there are five Monday's in July. It was decided they would forgo their meeting on Monday, July 22 if there weren't anything important pending at that time.

Chairman Cooper called a 30-minute executive session with the commissioners and Clerk Treaster present to discuss budgetary items and review non-elected personnel matters. No decisions were made during the meeting.

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