Council Discusses Projects And Order Of Priority

The Beloit City Council discussed a number of the different projects they have on their "to do" list and how to best accomplish their goals in each one. With all of the projects they have on their plate they are hard pressed to get them all accomplished. All of the projects are important and they all need to be done but not everyone agrees on which should take priority.

The Council recently held their yearly planning retreat and Mayor Tom Naasz thanked everyone who was able to make it to the two evening meetings. The Mayor especially thanked the city employees for their interest and for attending the meeting the second night.

The Council is in general agreement that the East Main project has been pushed back several times and needs to be a priority before some of the other work gets done. They are also in the process of working on roads on the North Campus, the Walnut Street project, the roads at the Industrial Park, the parking lot on North Campus for visitors to the Law Enforcement Center and the new Port Library.

There is an ongoing discussion of what to do with the dirt road on Sturgis Street or whether to do anything. Councilman Bob Richard has been checking into what can be done. Paul Abram who uses the road quite a bit was at the last council meeting and said he is basically ready to go ahead with this project but does not want to put a financial burden on some of the other people who live on that street.

Richard brought in a cost estimate for this project prepared by Schwab Eaton Engineers, Beloit. The estimate includes an 8-inch concrete pavement with concrete curb and gutter, over excavation of rock, water line relocation and storm sewer piper at major drainage areas. The material cost only would be $241,075. The total cost of the material, labor and equipment expense would be $625,520

Discussion was held on whether to use part of the millings the city has on hand to pave the road or not since this wouldn't last as long as concrete. As a third option it could be left as a dirt surface however it was agreed there is quite a bit of traffic on it and there would be more traffic if it were paved.

The property owners would have to bear part of the cost but it would depend on their comfort level. The cost could be paid out in 10 years and put on the tax role, Administrator Glenn Rodden told the council. It was decided the street would definitely need curb and guttering. The Council talked about contracting some of this work out to other contractors in order to get the largest share of this done. Trying to get KDOT funding for some of the projects was also discussed.

Before the council proceeds with this project Councilman Richards is to get a successful petition signed and bring it in to the council. It was a general consensus that this project should not jump ahead of the other projects already in the planning stage.

City Attorney Katie Cheney said after what she heard from people during the retreat she is drawing up a resolution to bring before the council to determine if they want to change the rule on police department hires or leave it like it is now. The policy in question is a very old policy. Cheney is checking this out and will put it on the agenda for the July 16 meeting for the council to rule on.

Administrator Rodden announced his staff is in the process of updating city codes. He will bring these before the council to rule on in the near future. This is a zoning issue and is an alternative to the building code presently in place, he said.

During Council Reports, Councilman Rick Brown said he would like to see a police officer at the Council room door during meetings like they had discussed. Mayor Naasz said he would see what they could do about that. Councilman Matt Otte added that he thought the new signs in respect to concealed carry would already be up in the building as was discussed. Attorney Cheney said she would get the proper signs put up in every building listed in the letter. Cheney also reminded people they are taking applications for the Housing Rehabilitation Block Grant and hope to get this funded. Cheney is also working to get the Kyle Railroad to improve the railroad crossing at the south edge of town. If she doesn't have an answer back next week she will take further action.

The Employee of the Quarter Award for actions above and beyond the call of duty was presented to Larry Hayden, city employee. Administrator Rodden said the award was for outstanding service to the City of Randall when they were having a problem with their sewer lines and called Beloit to ask for help.

During Formal Actions the council dealt with a notice to repository of failure to file an Annual Report on the Waterline GO Bond. The Administrator explained that as usual they haven't received the report back from the auditors. As it was last year, the audit report will not be back until July 1. This was not an issue until Congress passed the Dodd/Frank Bill several years ago.The Council also received a notice to repository of failure to file an annual report on the Electric Utility Revenue Bond. The same reason prevails on this issue as on the first issue and will be cleared up as soon as they get the audit report on July 1.

A 15-minute Executive Session was held to discuss Attorney-Client Privileged Information with the Governing Body, Administrator Rodden and City Attorney Cheney present. The mayor announced no decisions were made and no action was taken.

Following adjournment of the regular meeting, the Public Building Committee comprised of Chairman Matt Otte, Mayor Tom Naasz and Councilman Kent Miller approved the minutes of their last meeting and passed a notice to repository of failure to file an Annual Report the annual report. The meeting was adjourned.

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