Commissioner’s Discuss LEC Food Service

The Mitchell County Commissioners met with Lori Peterson of Consolidated Food Service, Sheriff Doug Daugherty, and Officer Geri McCune during their meeting this morning about that company providing food service for the Mitchell County Law Enforcement Center.

Officers Daugherty and McCune came to the Commision meeting on July 8, to discuss future plans for the meals for inmates at the Mitchell County Jail. At that time, Sheriff Daugherty reported he had received a letter from Mitchell County Hospital Administrator, David Dick, explaining that facility will no longer be able to prepare meals for the jail unless they raised the cost from $11 to $22 a day.

Daugherty called the hospital's Financial Officer, Eldon Koepke, and asked why the meals were going up so much in price. Koepke said furnishing meals for the jail was cutting into the hospitals Critical Access Hospital reimbursement they receive back from Medicare. Therefore, they can't afford to continue this service without a large price increase. The hospital is continuing to provide this service until another plan has been put in place.

McCune talked to several food companies at that time and felt Consolidated Foods Co. offers the plan that would work best for the jail. After discussion it was decided to have the officers set up an appointment for the commissioners to talk with a representative of that company.

Lorie Peterson, told the commissioners Consolidate Food Company is a medium sized company that does business with ten states here in the mid-west. They have been in business for over thirty-five years and provide food service for three different types of facilities including colleges, corporate and correctional facilities.

Consolidated Foods Services has connections to find equipment at a good price if this is needed. They are responsible for purchasing all the food, plan all the menus, hire the labor, and provide insurance for the kitchen. The food costs for each meal are figured separately on a sliding scale depending on the actual number of meals served. The county would receive an invoice once a month showing the cost of the meals.

Commissioners will be meeting with an Operation Specialist who will be coming over to look at the old LEC building to see what would need to be done to set up a kitchen in that area. Peterson said the county would have to furnish the kitchen facilities but all that is needed is just a functional kitchen. The company would hire all the help needed and pay their salaries. The Specialist would hire a local person to be a food service director for the kitchen. She thought it would take one full time person and one part time person to provide meals for the number of inmates the LEC has at this time. She stressed this would be a seven day a week job.

The State of Kansas stipulates a 2,400 calorie diet for the inmates but Consolidated can adjust that up or down as requested. They serve a full breakfast, a light lunch and then an adequate evening meal. They furnish meals for diabetic diets and other doctor ordered meals. Chairman Mike Cooper told Peterson to bring back a cost proposal and arrange to have their Operation Specialist come to Beloit and look at the facilities in the old LEC building and talk to the commissioners about what would need to be done.

Larry Emerson, Public Works, and Karm Princ, spoke to commissioners about a new computer and software replacement needed in her office. She doesn't need any accessories or a monitor. Computer Solutions Inc. will come in and set it up and transfer all the files over to the new computer. The commissioners approved the purchase of the new computer at a cost of $1,416.24.

Emerson also discussed the AT&T phone service they have at the Landfill that costs them $60 a month that is seldom used. Cunningham's don't service the landfill area so he talked to Brown's Electronics about a phone they sell at a cost of $100 plus installation. It plugs into a desk phone, they could keep their same number and the charge would be $10 a month or a savings of $50 a month. Emerson will check back with Brown's about the purchase.

The road crew started overlay work last week and planned to start work on the bridge on 240 Road but that is delayed until the weather clears up. The truck they ordered will be in to Salina this week. They will pick it up but will wait until the Wichita company is ready to put the box on before taking it down there.

Sondra Hone, Mitchell County Health Department, met with commissioners in a 15 minute executive meeting to discuss non-elected personnel. No decisions were made.
Hone discussed problems they are having with their phone system in the building. She had Cunningham Communications prepare a bid for a 14-line phone system. They will come and install the system and provide training on its use. Commissioner Jim Marshall asked how many people work in the building that they need fourteen phone lines and was told there were 13 employees. The cost of the system would be $5,757.23. Hone will check to see if she has enough funds in her capitol outlay account to pay for the phone system.

After discussion commissioners approved a Resolution from County Attorney, Mark Noah, allowing him to take sealed bids on two parcels of land that didn't sell in the Sheriffs Tax Sale in December of 2012. Commissioners approved a four-year contract for Melinda Lathum as Mitchell County Appraiser to run through June of 2017.
County Clerk, Chris Treaster, reminded Commissioners John Denny, of Lindburg, Vogel, Pierce and Farris Charted would be at the courthouse tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. to begin work on the county budget for the coming year. A Department Head meeting was held following the adjournment of the commission meeting.

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