Cawker City Council Meeting 8-14-13

The Cawker City Council opened their August meeting with 2-public hearings. The first was to approve the $1,412,843 budget for fiscal year 2014. The second was to take formal action on an issue the council has struggled with the past 2-years, 3-dilapidated buildings on historic Wisconsin Street.
It only took the council about 10-minutes to put in motion the action needed to declare the old limestone buildings unsafe and order the property owners to demolish them by October 9th. Failure to do so will result in the city taking possession of the properties.
One other reoccurring agenda item also got resolved. That item was the city's semi parking ordinance. The current ordinance, which had been discussed at length at the past two council meetings, restricts semi parking to 24-hours - a law Council Member Doug Bader has repeatedly argued,"...has never been enforced."
The compromise the council agreed on - strike section-2 which references specific parking location restrictions and then change the 24-hour limit to 72-hours. At the end of the 20-minute discussion, City Attorney Katie Cheney was instructed to make the changes and bring the ordinance back to the council for a vote at the September meeting.
Mitchell County Ambulance Director Ed Debesis also made an appearance last night. He was there to provide information about the Mitchell County Disaster Response Unit. Debesis serves as the Chairman of the Disaster Board which was created in response to a tragic drowning at Waconda Lake last year.
Part of the presentation was an invitation to the council to send a couple of representatives to the next meeting of the new organization. That meeting is scheduled to take place in Beloit on
August 21st. Mayor Wayne Musgrove and City Clerk Pam Brummer were selected to attend the meeting.
And finally, news that the long-awaited city code book update has finally been completed. Despite some questions about the city's current building code, the council voted to proceed with the printing of the code book as presented.

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