Commissioners Tour Possible Food Service Sites

The Mitchell County Commissioners met with representatives of the Consolidated Food Company representatives during their meeting this morning before going on to tour the possible sites that are available.

Chairman Mike Cooper and Commissioners Tom Claussen and Jim Marshall met with Lori Peterson representative and Scott Garrett, Operations Specialist, from the Consolidated Food service Company. They were here to discuss this company being hired to provide correctional food service to the inmates of the Mitchell County Law Enforcement facility. Also present were Mitchell County Sheriff, Doug Daugherty, Officer Geri McCune, and V.F.W. members Charlie Wright, Harvey Cox and Dan Streit. Chairman Cooper told the group they could consider this a fact finding day to discuss possibilities for the best location for the kitchen to house the food preparation site. This kitchen will need to be staffed from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week since there will be prisoners to feed three meals a day seven days of a week.

The tour started out at the VFW Hall where Cox, Wright, and Streit explained the VFW schedule for use of the hall. Seven months of the year the VFW uses the kitchen twice a month to serve breakfasts from September to the third Sunday of the month, Christmas and Veterans Day. They would rent the facility to the County for $125 a day.

Commissioner Marshall said this really high cost of feeding the prisoners really touches a nerve with him and all the people he has talked to. He stressed the cold breakfast, warm lunch and a cold evening meal would be enough to feed the prisoners.

Next, the group toured the old Law Enforcement Center on the southeast corner of the Mitchell County Courthouse block. This building also houses the Emergency Management Director Scott Davies and Becky Schaefer, Director of Communications and the Dispatch Center. This building was looked on favorably since it is already owned by the county, which would eliminate the cost of the rent on the building. Several rooms were thought to be useable for this with a minimum of cost put into purchasing added equipment to them.

From there the group toured the Barstow Building at the Mitchell County Fairgrounds. This was considered a definite possibility depending on what could be worked out with the fair board. The tour of the new Law Enforcement Center was canceled since the county would have to build a new structure from the ground up to house the food preparation kitchen. Peterson and Garrett are to go back to their company and come up with a floorplan they feel will work for the kitchen facility, listing the necessary equipment the county would need to buy, as well as the cost of the meals and overhead the county would be funding. The commissioners will discuss this plan at their September 16, meeting and go from there, Chairman Cooper said.

During their regular meeting Sondra Hone, County Health Department, brought in the WIC Dietician contract with Jewell County for commissioners to sign. This contract is renewed every year. Dietician Janet Donker visits this county every two months. Mitchell County also has a contract with Ottawa County for these services since neither county has a dietician. Hone will bring this contract in next Monday. The Commissioners and Hone will be attending a workshop in Russell this coming Thursday from 3 to 7 p.m.

Ed Debesis, Emergency Medical Services, presented his monthly report on the activities in his department for August. They charged out $26,231. in service fees for the month and had a payment adjustment of $13,435.99. August was a busy month. They had 60 ambulance runs during that time. They have made 402 runs for 2013 so far which is up 26 runs from last year at this time.

Debesis reported he talked to Melton Motors the authorized Chevy dealer in Belleville and they are putting a new motor in the ambulance now. This is the new ambulance Mitchell County purchased that was delivered on February 27. They are putting the new motor in the ambulance now. There are only some 7,000 miles on the ambulance at this time for the seven months since it was delivered. It was only operational three or four weeks out of that time. Debesis is going to request a report on everything that was done to it during that time. Debesis hasn't heard back from the company about the reimbursement he requested for the time of use this county has lost during the last six months.

Larry Emerson, Public Works reported they have the roads all mowed and bladed. This should last until after fall harvest is over. Hey poured the back wall on the bridge out by Schmidt's and patched a place out on Walking Trail with a small blade. They received permits on the Tice Bridge. John Cashatt, County Engineer, is drawing up all the paperwork. They haven't gotten the new dump truck body back yet so won't have it to use to seal the roads.

Chairman Cooper talked to Phil Roberts about the charges on indolent bodies of people that have no family or relatives that the Funeral Home has to take. They are not reimbursed for this cost. They have a moral obligation to do this but do not receive any payment back for the funeral and the burial costs. Cooper will talk to Roberts and the City of Beloit again and discuss this with commissioners next week. Commissioners agreed they need to put some sort of resolution in place as to the maximum amount the county will pay in these situations.

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