Eight Criminal Cases On Court Docket Monday

Eight Criminal Cases came before Judge Kim Cudney in Mitchell County District Court Motion Day proceedings on Monday afternoon. Mitchell County Attorney Mark J. Noah represented the State of Kansas in all eight cases.

Two cases were moved to be continued at the November 6, Motion Day including that of Levi Spicher for Revocation/Bond Hearing and Jeffery Roberts who has motions pending. Roberts Council Julie Effenbeck withdrew from the case and Roberts has hired another attorney to take over his case. Roberts is in court for with a number of drug charges but was free to leave under the conditions of his bond.

In the case of the State of Kansas VS Marcus Crannel who was before the court for Revocation. He was represented by Attorney Jerry Harrison. Attorney Noah called Crannell's caseworker, Christine Witt, with the Department of Community Corrections to the stand to testify. Witt made the recommendation last October 21, that Crannell be kept in custody at that time. He quit attending probation meetings for the second time.

Crannell was picked up on a Bench Warrant and tested positive for drugs and was taken back to the Mitchell County Jail. Judge Cudney told the defendant that since he keeps violating the law he would have to pay for the charges himself. This is a border box case and if he keeps breaking the law he will be sent to prison.
He was transferred back to the Mitchell County Jail.

In the case of Samuel Good represented by Julie Effenbeck VS the State of Kansas who came before the Judge for sentencing. Good is up on charges for a Level 5 charge of being in possession of a controlled substance a non-person felony. Count 2 was for driving on revoked license due to a DWI. He was given 15 months with the Department of Community Corrections and one year in the county jail. With both sentences are to run concurrently. The Judge gave Good probation with 18 months with Department of Community Corrections and credit for 39 days in jail. He is to gain employment, was charged $600 attorney fees and $500 jail assessment fees.

In the case of the State of Kansas VS Brian P. Moody represented by Julie Effenbeck who came before the Judge for Sentencing. Attorney Noah said on September 10, 2013 Moody entered a plea of guilty. He was charged with criminal thread a Level 9 person felony. He was given 12 months post relief with the Department of Community Corrections and 12 months with the Department of Corrections. The Judge said his case worker, Christine Witt, had worked hard to keep him out of jail but he is getting to be a regular in court. He was given 125 days jail time credit and was free on probation.

In the case of the State of Kansas VS Brian Shoemaker, represented by Julie Effenbeck. Shoemaker was before the Court for a motion to reinstate his bond. He was charged with count 1, a charge of unlawful possession of unlawful drug of marijuana and count 2 of criminal threat a Level 9 person Felony charge. Shoemaker pled no contest to both charges. On July 1, 2013 an officer on patrol made a traffic stop in Cawker City and found both methamphetamines and marijuana in Shoemakers vehicle. Attorney Noah noted that Shoemaker had a prior convection in Clay County and one in the state of Illinois for being in possession of drug paraphernalia. He was granted an OR Bond and is to live in Cawker City with a girlfriend and go into treatment under bond supervision and is to report to his court services officer. He was free to leave under the conditions of his bond and is to return for sentencing at the December 4, Motion day at 1 p.m.

In the case of Jacob L. Thornbrugh represented by Julie Effenbeck and came before the court for Arraignment. He entered a plea of no contest to the charges against him. Attorney Noah said on August 32, 2013, Sheriff's Deputy Martin was dispatched to check out a domestic violence report at a site outside of the City of Beloit. The deputy found 15 marijuana plants growing in a storm cellar. The other counts were dismissed with prejudice. The Judge granted his request for OR Bond Supervision since Thornbrugh had no prior charges. Attorney Noah asked that he have no contact with his wife or his family, as Noah is concerned for their safety. He agreed to this condition and was free to leave. He was to check in with his court services officer before leaving the courtroom yesterday afternoon. Thornbrugh is to return for sentencing at 1 p.m. of the November 6, motion day proceedings.

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