Short Agenda For Commissioners Monday

The Mitchell County Commissioners had a short agenda for their Monday morning meeting. Outside of some regular "household business," as Chairman Mike Cooper called it, Ed Debesis, Emergency Medical Services was the only person left on the agenda for the morning.

Debesis met with commissioners for a 10 minutes executive meeting after which Chairman Cooper announced no decisions were made. Debesis said he was going to pick up MC Ambulance #3 today after it had to have a new fuel injector put in. An employee turned too short driving into a filling station and hit a section of concrete causing $2,150 worth of damage. It will have to go back to the factory to be fixed.

Debesis said he is losing the new Paramedic he just hired since his wife will be moving to a new job some distance away and they have decided to move their whole family. This is a position that is usually hard to fill but he had an applicant coming in this morning who is interested in the job. Commissioner Tom Clausen told Debesis he had a person tell him what a good job Debesis and his crew did taking care of her loved one. He would pass the name of the person on to him after the meeting so he could share it with his crew. Debesis said he appreciated this since they don't get thanked very often for the job they do.

The commissioners received a letter from the North Central Flint Hills Area Agency on Aging expressing their appreciation for the job Jay Rowh has done for them the past few years and asked that he be reappointed to another two year term which would run from January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2015. The Commissioners enthusiastically voted unanimously to reappoint Rowh to this position. They discussed the good job Rowh does in working with people at the Senior Center and tutoring homebound students while they can't go to regular classes.

The commissioners approved two Neighborhood Revitalization Applications. One application was for Jason and Dana Cheney of 660 County Club Drive for residential post frame building in the amount of $30,418. The second application was for Mid-Way Developments LLC for an Agricultural building on 401 S. Independence in the amount of $14,090.

Due to Veteran's Day falling on Monday, November 11, the meeting of the Mitchell County Commissioners will be moved to Tuesday, November 12. Following a work session during which no one came in, the meeting was adjourned and commissioners went into a County Department Head meeting at 9:30 a.m.

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