MCHHS Board of Trustees meeting 10/28/2013

The Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems Board of Trustees met last night for their monthly meeting. Among other important topics, the Board was updated on the progress of the Meditech 5.66 software update. MCHHS is in the first 10% in the country to use this software, and this upgrade will help improve medication reconciliation and enhance overall operations. The Board also discussed the recent purchase of a Meditech Stage Two license, which will be used for a patient portal that can be utilized for post-patient care services.

A report was given on recent interaction with Sunflower Health Network in which the possibility of integrating services between hospitals within that network was discussed. Some feedback voiced by doctors who are currently in the network included concerns with communication between hospitals, but all other feedback was mostly positive. There are currently around 13 area hospitals that are part of the Sunflower Health Network throughout central and north central Kansas.

The Solomon Valley Hospice is mostly moved into the Port Library in Beloit and renovations on the space are almost complete. The Board plans to meet there next month during their regular meeting time to see and tour the new facility. The Board also noted that an upcoming open house in November for the new location of Solomon Valley Hospice. There will be a silent auction and other activities prior to and during the open house to help raise funds for Hospice.

Two employees were recognized for their service to MCHHS: Julie Olson and Jenica Behymer, both in acute care and both for five years of service.

A community assessment was recently completed with results mainly focused on the lack of sufficient sidewalks throughout Beloit. David Dick presented these findings and suggested that the Board look at the sidewalks around the hospital grounds, especially the south end of the property that is right beside Highway 14. He also asked that the Board be supportive of an initiative to improve sidewalks if one were presented, and the Board voted unanimously that it would. The other finding of note was that there are not enough specialty services offered by the hospital, and this is one area that is always being researched for improvements so that these types of services can be more available.

A financial summery was also given by Eldon Koepke. He reported that the hospital is behind budget for this year due to sequestration of 2%, bad medicare debt of 12%, and around $180,000 less outpatient services. He also stated that stimulus money in the amount of around $700,000 will be coming by end of November that will help the budget.

The Board's meeting ended in executive session to discuss medical staff credentials and risk management.


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