County Commission Meeting Monday Morning

Larry Emerson, Public Works, was the only person scheduled for the Mitchell County Commissioner meeting Monday morning. Chairman Mike Cooper and Commissioner Tom Claussen were present with Commissioners absent for the meeting.

Emerson reported to commissioners that a 45-foot flat top culvert up by Solomon Rapids has caved in due to the bottom rusting out. There is a lot of truck traffic on this road due to trucks going from Jewell to Solomon Rapids. Emerson feels they will have to close the road for several days and have traffic detour around this part of the road. This isn't a good time of year to pour asphalt but they will probably have to do it. He hopes they can finish the work in one day but it could take longer than that.

The road crew will be putting up storm fence during the day today, Emerson said. Sometimes this is a waste of time but other times it is a good thing they are up. They have the fencing on hand so it just involves the labor to do this.

Emerson discussed the excavator they presently have that is about 15 years old. The under carriage of the machine is shot and it would take between 30 to 35 thousand dollars to have this repaired. He wants to have the salesman from Foley Truck Company in Salina come in and visit with commissioners about buying an excavator on either three or five year payments. They presently have a 2006 excavator the company has on hand. This is a piece of equipment that is used a lot by both the road crew and the bridge crew.

They also have three motor graders that are 82 models that need to be updated Emerson said. This does not need to be done right now but will have to be addressed in the near future. He will have the salesman come in and talk to the commissioners about the excavator at the November 18, meeting if possible since that will be the first meeting all three commissioners will be present for. His crew will be pushing sand out of the sand pit in near future. The road north of Asherville is about down to the dirt and need attention. He feels this is due to the lack of moisture and the heavy travel on the road that is really playing havoc with the gravel.

Emerson said they are still waiting to hear back from the paper work they sent in on the bridge out at Tice's. It will probably be spring before they can get to this work if it goes through but that woulf fit in to their schedule better anyway. Tires for the motor grades are about $3,000 each and the mower tires cost about $1,000 each so this is pretty expensive. The new truck they purchased is still in Wichita waiting to have a truck bed put on it so he doesn't know when they will get it back.

A Neighborhood Revitalization Application for $45,000 was approved for Shannon and Drew Duskie for a residential structure at 105 Sunrise Drive in Cawker City.

Heather Hartman, Community Development Director, was not on the agenda but visited with the commissioners about a survey that will be going around for a Continuum of Care for Elderly Persons Household Survey for the City of Beloit. The Beloit Planning Commission is currently conducting this study to determine both the short and long term housing needs of persons and families in the Beloit area. The study will include the identification of housing and service needs of persons 55 years of age and older. This needs to be completed and turned in to Heather Hartman as soon as possible.

Hartman also discussed a survey to determine the need for moderate housing in the community to see if people living outside of the community, who are on the area work force, would move to Beloit instead of commuting if reasonable housing was available. She is having trouble getting companies to allow her to distribute the survey forms and is looking for a way to provide these for people who would be interested.

Commissioner Tom Claussen reminded the public that Veteran's Day will be on Monday, November 11, and encouraged people to attend the Vet's Day parade and come down to the community meal being served at the V.F.W afterwards.

Due to the Veteran's Day celebration on Monday, the meeting of the Mitchell County Commissioners will be held on Tuesday, November 12 at the regular time.


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