Commissioners Continue Employee Evaluations

The Mitchell County Commissioners continued their executive sessions with County Department Heads for their non-elected employees. This mornings sessions included a 15-minute executive session with Ed Debesis, EMS Director, and a 15-minute executive session with Mitchell County Sheriff, Doug Daugherty, with a five minute extension. Chairman Cooper announced no decisions were made during these sessions. Debesis introduced his new EMT hire, Rex Loughridge to the commissioner with no further business being conducted at that time.

Chairman Mike Cooper discussed ongoing plans for Mitchell County to comply with the Conceal Carry Act in county buildings as of the first of the year. There is no further action to be taken at this time. All gun signs will be taken down on January 1, for any part of the Mitchell County Courthouse except the Court Room, which will be governed as mandated by Chief Judge of the 12th Judicial District of Kansas, Kim Cudney.

Commissioner Tom Claussen requested the commissioners have Mitchell County Attorney Mark J. Noah draw up legal ruling on this action saying the Mitchell County Commissioners will not be custodians of or be responsible for people who do not comply with the concealed carry law or those who bring guns into the courthouse illegally without a license to carry. Commissioner Ben Marshall said, "As I see it, these people have two options they can take their guns out of the building or face being arrested." The chairman read off the names of counties in this district that have already opted out of this ruling at this time except as designated for their courtrooms.

Chairman Cooper said, a section will need to be added to their employee's policy book declaring that employee's have the right to carry guns in their vehicles but not on their person while operating county vehicles.

Commissioners discussed renewing the county's contract with Lindburg, Vogel and Farris Chartered, the auditing firm they have used for some years. The company charges no flat fee so this expense is billed out and varies from year to year. It was agreed the company pretty much takes the work out of the process since they have done this for so many years and know the people they are working with and the situations involved. It was felt they save the county money every year and do a good job. The commissioners voted unanimously to renew this contract.

The commissioner's unanimously reappointed Curt Frasier and Pat Gray to the Mitchell County Hospital Board of Trustees for another term.

Commissioner Claussen reported he went to the county shop to see the new truck they recently purchased. They were pulling the pump and attaching the snowplow at that time. While it is a nice looking piece of equipment he questioned the expense that will be entailed in the use of the EPA equipment it has on it. The other commissioners also had concerns about this and shared information they have experienced with this type of equipment.

Commissioner Claussen reported the new kitchen has been set up in the old Law Enforcement Center building and is now complete except for the hand wash sink and the three-compartment sink to disinfect the dishes. While many have thought of this kitchen as a large expense this set-up will eliminate the cost of an expensive sanitizer. The exhaust fan and vent fan are already in place. The estimated cost per meal is set at $2.74 per person housed in the new Law Enforcement Center. They have enough storage in the facility to keep supplies for ten days.

The reception for Dan Streit, who is retiring after 41 years as Weed Department Supervisor, will be held in the Commissioners Chamber from 1 to 4 p.m. this coming Friday. The County Employee Party will be held this coming Saturday at The Down Under facilities with the Social Hour starting at 5:30 and the Party at 6:30. The band will be playing from 8 to 11 p.m.

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