Brockelman Discusses County C of C Membership

Gina Brockelman, Director of the Beloit Chamber of Commerce met with the Mitchell County Commissioners at their regular weekly meeting Monday morning. The director discussed the County Commissioners and other county employees becoming members of Chamber of Commerce.

Brockelman said, in going back over the organizations records she can't find where the county has been a member of the C of C. for a number of years. The membership costs a base price of $150 plus a membership for each of the counties' estimated 95 full-time employees would make a cost the county $1,050 for the membership. This would make these employees eligible for all the benefits the Chamber offers including attending the Chamber Banquet that is coming up on February 8, 2014 at Down Under.

The Director said they are very close to hitting the $2,000 to give away in Chamber bucks gift certificate. "A lot of people do not real how many things the Chamber does for the county. Since I came on board over a year ago I have been working to build up the C of C but before that the Chamber seemed to have no direction." She has been working to change this.

The Chamber receives no State or Federal funding so it is up to the local business's and individuals to help support it. She has been holding monthly Chamber coffees every month and feels this helps people get to know each other better. The membership does not just include businesses and people from Beloit. There are also members from Concordia, Tipton, Glen Elder, and other towns within this area. She has a list of over 150 businesses on her computer that people can use to do mailings. Brockelman said she is working to make this site a lot more user friendly. She puts out a weekly newsletter that goes to about 350 people. She wants to bring back the practice of showcasing different businesses.

Chairman Mike Cooper asked if Brockelman still fields any questions about businesses or does she turn these inquiries over to Economic Development? She answered the two entities work together on these questions. She has a lot of people call looking for rental properties.

Chairman Cooper explained they have one more Commission meeting, which will be on Tuesday, December 31. This will be for the commissioners to make the necessary monetary transfers and finish the County's business for the year. He asked Brockelman to visit with Kathy File in the County Clerks office between this date and that last meeting so they will know the exact amount they would need to pay in dues. Brockelman said her office would be closed Tuesday through Thursday this week.

Dan Streit and Stan Deneke of the Mitchell County Noxious Week Department came in at the request of the commissioners for a 15-minute executive session with the commissioners and Clerk Chris Treaster to discuss non-elected personnel. No decisions were made during the session. Yvonne Melton, Mitchell County Treasurer also met for a 15-minute executive session at the commissioner's request to discuss non-elected personnel. No decisions were made.

Commissioner Claussen presented a letter asking that the commission approve Dwight Daniels for another four-year term on the 12th Judicial Nominating Committee. This board is made up of six lawyers and six non-lawyers and came into play recently when Magistrate Judge, Debra (Gronewaller) Wright, was chosen from a number of candidates to fill that office here in Mitchell County. The commissioner's voted unanimously to approve Daniels for this position.

Commissioner Jim Marshall presented a bill from the Kansas Association of Counties (KAC) for membership dues in the amount of $1,813.45. The commissioners feel they get a lot of good information and help from their association with the KAC and voted unanimously to continue this membership and pay the necessary dues.

There will be no commission meeting on Monday, December 30. Commissioners will meet on Tuesday, December 31, to finalize the county's business for the year and make necessary monetary transfers from one fund to the other. The commissioners adjourned into a half-hour work session followed by a meeting of the County Department Heads.

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