02-10-14 Waconda USD 272 BOE Meeting

The first item in Superintendent Troy Damman's report at last night's February Waconda USD 272 School Board meeting was school funding. He prefaced his comments saying all school districts in the state are concerned about tight budgets. Damman went on to say a lot rides on the court decision regarding public school funding which is expected to come soon. He also said that several other states are watching the Kansas case to see how the lawsuit against the state comes out.
Also in the Superintendent's report, some very good news regarding the recent Fire Marshal's visit. The report, according to Damman, included just a handful of minor violations. He called it the best fire safety report he's ever seen.
The board was forced at last night's meeting to make a decision on a convection oven that went down just before Christmas break at the high school in Downs. They were presented several options - (1) purchasing a new oven at a cost of $5,000 to $10,000, (2) replace the valves that went bad on the oven at a cost of about $1,000 and taking the oven out of commission during that time or (3) accept an oven from the old school at Tipton for $100. The board decided to take door number-3 but also look closely at the other two options since the oven coming from Tipton is older than the 30-year old unit it will be replacing.
The process of updating the district's policy book continued at last night's meeting. About 15-minutes were spent going through Section C. The board made several minor wording changes in Section C-E which deals specifically with the School Superintendent. The board also discussed Section C-E-F at length but made no changes. Section C-E-F deals with expense reimbursement of the Superintendent. Finally, Section C-A-N was removed because it duplicates the wording in Section C-Y-A. The two parts of the policy book both dealt with document production.
The last action item of the evening was the board offering to renew Damman's contract as Superintendent. The new contract calls for a two-year extension.
And finally, some very good reports from the two Principals regarding honor roll recipients based on grades from the just completed first semester and recognition of Diana Roe who runs the cafeteria at Lakeside Elementary at Glen Elder. Roe won an award from the State of Kansas for her recipe for Taco Soup.

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