02-12-14 Cawker City Council Meeting I

At last night's February Cawker City Council meeting, the city fathers found themselves in the odd position of trying to determine what to do with a piece of property that was simply handed over to them. Bryan Frasier, who owns a building located a block west of the city building on Wisconsin Street apparently just walked into the city office and turned the deed over to the city. After a short discussion the bewildered council decided the first step was to have City Superintendent David Reling take a look at the building to determine what kind of shape it is in.
In other action, the council got their first look at a proposed city ordinance that would regulate mobile homes in Cawker City. City Attorney Katie Cheney spent about 20-minutes explaining the first draft and answering questions. One of the components of the ordinance would allow property owners to put a second mobile home on their property and avoid the regulations that come attached to mobile home parks.
Cheney told the council she would continue to work on the ordinance and bring it back at the March meeting for further discussion.
It was a little early but the council was in a festive holiday spirit deciding to continue its renovation of the city's aging Christmas displays. They authorized the purchase of 10-new displays. The cost will be in the $2,000 range depending upon which displays are selected.
In that same vein, the council also decided that residents who string 3-or-more chords of lights will be rewarded for making the city look more festive. They will get a $10-discount on their December electric bill.
And finally, the council authorized the City Superintendent to spend the three-to-four hundred dollars necessary to make it possible for all of the city's fire fighters to be texted in addition to being paged. Reling, who is a member of the fire department, said all of the city's firefighters have cell phones and the message will get to them quicker that way.

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