The Beloit City Council convened last night to discuss items of importance to the City including hearing from the Post Rock Humane Society and AWARE NCK and to considering a resolution and formal action.

The Post Rock Humane Society presented information to the Council on a trap, neuter, and release program for the feral cat population around Beloit.  This program would be paid for by donations the Human Society has collected, so there would be no cost to the City.  What they proposed is that they would set out traps overnight for one night to collect as many cats as possible to take them to Solomon Valley Veterinary Clinic for treatment before they are released back into the wild.  This treatment could include the cat being spade or neutered, receiving shots and vaccinations, and treatment for any illness the cat may have.  The Human Society did also say that if a cat was too ill to be released back into the wild, it would be euthanized.  The cost of these services by the veterinary clinic will also be paid for by the Post Rock Humane Society.  This plan is set to take place as soon as the Humane Society gets the traps in.  More information is to come from the Post Rock Humane Society as the time for this program to be implemented gets closer. 

AWARE NCK also presented information about walking and biking routes for kids to take to get to school.  This information was presented because they are currently working on applying for a grant that would supply the City with $200,000 to repair or add infrastructure to the city.  AWARE NCK would like to use these funds to add or repair sidewalks along 7th and 12th streets to meet the safety needs of children walking or biking to school.  The City would need to supply 20% ($40,000) of these funds as matching or in kind funds if they were to receive the grant.  The Council voted to pass this resolution so that the grant application could be submitted on time by this coming Friday, July 18.

In formal action, the window bid for the Downtown Rehabilitation CDBG Grant that was approved at the Council's last meeting on July 1 was rescinded due to new information presented at the meeting.  The Council then voted to instead accept a bid from Glass Services in Salina to do the work to replace windows in the designated buildings in Downtown Beloit.

Finally, City Administrator Glen Rodden reported that he has been in contact with KYLE Railroad to discuss the rough railroad crossing when coming into Beloit from the South on Highway 14.  He said they are willing to help provide materials for the City to make temporary repairs to help make the road more smooth until KYLE Railroad can come in later this year to replace the sections of railroad crossing that are causing passage over the tracks to be so rough.  This work is to be paid for through a Federal grant.

The Council also went into closed session to discuss non-elected personnel and finished their meeting with a work session to get a first look at the 2015 City budget draft.

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