Kansas 8 Man Football All Stars
Beloit, Kansas, Saturday, June
6th at Trojan Stadium

KVSV Live Coverage Begins at 9:30 a.m. on AM 1190 and FM105.5

Division II Plays at 10:00 a.m. • • Division I Plays at 1:30 p.m.

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I EastI WestII EastII West



Check out video highlights from last year's squads below

Video One, Click to Go to this Youtube Video
Segment 1 - Dayton Walter, Lincoln, Division 1 West Squad
Segment 2 - Brogan Naylor, and Paul Barrientes, Lucas, Division 2 West Squad
Segment 3- Eriq Perez, St. John/Tipton, Dvision 2, West Squad
Segment 4- Ben Labertew, Assistant Coach, Division 2, West Squad

Vidoe Two, Click Here to go to it on Youtube
Segment 1, Robbie Dean, Mankato, East Division 1
Segmentt 2, Clay Cosand and Wyatt Flinn, Mankato, East Squad, Division 1
Segment 3, Robert Cox, Courtland, Division 1 East Squad
Segment 4, Matt Hoyer, Hanover, East Division 2 head coach

Video Three, Click Here to Go to it on Youtube
Segment 1, Troy McCarther, Lebow, head coach of Division 1 East Squad
Segment 2, Chris Bamberger, Ness City, head coach Division 1, West Squad

Vidoe Four, Click Here to Go to it on Youtube
Doug Oberle, Kansas 8 Man All Star Football West Division 2 Coach





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