Beloit Community Development Block Grant Housing Presentation

Monday, November twenty-fourth, two thousand fourteen

By Terry Bailey


A standing-room-only crowd was present Monday night at the Trail Room in the Beloit Municipal Building to hear a presentation regarding the Community Development Housing Block Grant application process. A four hundred thousand forty dollar grant has been received for housing rehabilitation and demolition within the city limits of Beloit.


Heather Hartman, Community Development Director, introduced Carol Torkelson from the North Central Kansas Regional Planning Commission. Torkelson led the audience through a step by step presentation of the application process.

She first addressed the demolition section of the grant. Demolitions grants will be used to demolish a structure, haul away the material and to level the surface. Money has been allocated from the block grant to allow demolition of eight structures with a possibility of more is funds allow. According to Torkelson, the city would remove the decaying structure at no cost to the grant recipient. The owner would retain title to the property. The owner would be responsible for mowing and maintaining the property after completion of the demo.

Money is available to award fifteen Rehabilitation grants. The basic intent of these Rehab grants is to ensure the structural integrity of the homes, not for cosmetic repairs.

Both the Demolition and Rehab grants require an application to be completed and turned in by January fifth two thousand fifteen. Family income guidelines are applicable for grant recipients. For example, a family adjusted gross income for a family of one is thirty-one thousand dollars. For a family of three the maximum income is forty thousand, six hundred dollars. Maximum income for a family of five is forty-eight thousand, seven hundred fifty dollars.

The application process also includes a point system survey with documentation, including, but is not limited to the following considerations:

  1. Low income

  2. Handicapped/Disabled

  3. Elderly

  4. Single head of household with child or children

  5. Previous submission of a pre-application

Additionally, a twenty page survey form must be completed by a qualified inspector to determine deficiencies in the building. This survey is used to evaluate the structure’s need and suitability for rehabilitation.


All homes considered for Rehabilitation grants built before nineteen seventy-eight must have a lead assessment because of the lead based paints used previous to that time. If lead is present and the home qualifies for a grant, the lead will be encapsulated but not removed. Additionally children under seven years of age living in these structures must have a blood lead assessment test completed to determine the amount, if any, of lead in their bloodstream.

As with any government program there are numerous guidelines and qualifying factors involved with the program. Torkelson made it clear she is available to answer questions should people call with concerns. All persons attending the meeting were given either a demolition or rehab application packet. All applications must be submitted along with documentation by the end of the work day on Monday, January fifth, two thousand fifteen.

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