The Beloit City Council met last night for their regular bi-weekly meeting.  Among the topics discussed were several ordinances, and resolution, and formal action.  There was also public comment on ideas of how to grow Beloit.

Greg Drum spoke to the Council on his ideas of how to grow Beloit when the meeting was opened up for public comment.  Mr. Drum feels that if Beloit can offer the same types of tax incentives and affordable land that the State of Texas is offering to businesses, we have a chance to grow.  He pointed out that Texas is the fastest growing state in the nation in terms of business, and his point to the council was that if Beloit can take a serious look at what Texas is doing to bring companies in, we may be able to grow our town as well.

The Council passed three ordinances last night: Adopting Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, Standard Traffic Ordinance, and Uniform Public Offense Code.  The resolution passed was a lease agreement for a 2014 Bobcat Skid-Steer loader for the power plant.  Formal actions that were approved by the Council were the CDBG Housing Plan, boiler chemical price of $11,979 for the North Campus, and a cereal malt beverage license for Mac's Kwik Stop, Inc. (Ampride) in Beloit. 

When the regular meeting adjourned, the Council's work session began.  In their session, they discussed a proposal to purchase two new police vehicles.  One will be a replacement vehicle for one of the police department's Dodge Chargers that was totaled during the August 31st hail storm, and the other proposed new vehicle will be a Ford Explorer.

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